Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

Practitioners, activators, executors, doers! The Personal and the Big Picture.

A NETWORK of WHO, with a NETWORK of  WHYS and a NETWORK of HOWS to get there!

Global Improvement in Practice! Connecting the individual collaborators making change happen! With each other and through that to ideas, possibilities and beyond.


Energising individuals. Bringing together those working to make the world a better place!
Accelerating the magic of the sweet spot in the middle, at the point of connection, trust and impact.


It’s about opportunity, about the creation of what’s possible, in the direction of creating better.

A collaborative network of CI people with the ability and passion to improve themselves and those around them. All sites, levels, functions, industries, locations, countries, methodologies, an entire world of excellence!


It began as a vision to connect the NZ lean/CI dots, but quickly went global as more and more improvement thinkers wanted to be a part of it. 7 years on, the concept continues to be co-created.

Idealistic? Of course, but it’s those crazy enough to think they can change the world who usually do.

It’s about, the right people, right combinations, on the right topics at the right time together, an art and a science! Be excellent, with others.


CICE is a PURPLE organisation… operating in a world of complexity, engagement, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, purpose for good, uncertainty, self management, constant improvement, innovation, change, tension, learning, curiosity, respect, openness… collective intelligence, emergence, creatives, diversity, with shared energy, passion, purpose, and human perspectives. It’s neutral, independent, organic, collaborative, co-created!


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