Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

Practitioners, activators, executors, doers in the Global Improvement World!

A NETWORK of WHO, a NETWORK of  WHYS and a NETWORK of HOWS to get there!

Energising individuals. Bringing them together!

Creating a catalogue of connections and impact.

FOCUS AREA: Improvement! Any demographic, any approach, globally! Key is you demonstrating and wanting to connect with others.

A CULTURE OF: Shared learning, inspiration, curiosity, support, ideas, experience, engagement, collaboration.

It’s about the creation of what’s possible, in the direction of better. And who do we need to connect to do that!

Do things better, stop doing dumb stuff, use our potential, make the world a place we want to be.

Be part of the Band, the Crew…
It’s a Network of high value connections. Creating impact. It’s match making. It’s cross pollinating!

Think like a music producer, bringing together improvement artists, practitioners, in any and all combinations.


“What’s awesome is the people you are picking! Weaving a tapestry of collaboration and connection.”

If there is a pointy end, it is as broad as why do music….!
It’s ‘better’…. people want to do better, create better, make better, be better, have better….. on a local scale, to change the world and everything in between.


It began as Lean Kiwis, a vision to connect the NZ lean/CI dots, but quickly went global as more improvement thinkers wanted to be a part of it.
8 years on, the concept continues to be co-created. The CICE Network, The Network of Us.

Idealistic? Of course, but it’s those crazy enough to think they can change the world who usually do.
It’s about, the right people, right combinations, on the right topics at the right time.


About learning, curiosity, respect, openness… collective intelligence, emergence, creatives, diversity, with shared energy, passion, purpose, and human perspectives. It’s neutral, independent, organic, collaborative, co-created!

GET INVOLVED JOIN US  and find out more …
From New Zealand to across the World!

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