Global Improvement Collaborations


The winds of change are coming, they are happening now.

Our leaders are not prepared for the tsunami of principled people and visionaries coming their way.

This is about being in amongst like minds of collaboration.

The Vision 

When you read about the success of ventures it’s always about the synergies and interactions of the people.
It’s about what they co-create together.

But it’s an art to bring this together.
Each person needs to bring their improvement ‘artistry’, and at the same time their willingness to part of a bigger whole.

Even Google in their research found the best teams are where every one has a voice, and everyone feels they can contribute.

So many people in the world are wanting something different. To be part of something better.
From their ideas, challenges, opportunities, goals, visions, problems, dreams.

The magic of a global network of Who’s, What’s, Why’s and How’s.
Connecting people that wouldn’t normally connect, connecting people to ideas, inspiration and possibilities, to each other.

Our passion!

Work doesn’t make sense.
There are so many amazing people trying to make it better in so many ways
They need to connect, we need to know about each other.

To not feel alone
To be energised by others | their energy, stories, tools, approaches, stories, support

Connections | Matchmaking | Boundary Spanning | Talent Scouting
Energising | Disrupting

To make a collective impact

Improvement of any kind, any demographic, approach, industry, location, person.
In the world of our mahi. Mahi is Maori for work, action, activity, job, labour, operation, task, vocation, make, perform.


“Without you, and the Network, I wouldn’t have refocused … reached for the stars”
“I have a wall of improvement people behind me!”
“I feel energised, inspired, motivated, and not so alone”.

From New Zealand across the World!

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