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Global Improvement Collaborative, Connecting, Conversations

Personalised, targeted, curated improvement connections, conversations.

A coming together of those working to make the world a better place!

Create Better!


People LOVE the ability to connect, share, learn, either informally for inspiration or actively for a combined result. Connect to collaborate. Connect to go further!
Motivated, energised, practically active people collaborating with other like minds/like spirits, make impact!

There is enormous value in connecting with like minds in the improvement world and what’s possible from that, in a structured collaborative network community.

The sweet spot is in the connections, the in-between. Not top down, not one way help, but multi-way personalised exchanges. There are some fantastic networks out there.
CICE’s point of difference. There is a plethora of ‘help’ there. CICE has no consulting element, as much as possible practitioners amongst others.

It’s not about problem solving, or a set goal, it’s about opportunity, about the creation of what’s possible, in a direction of creating better.

Someone asked, how, why connect improvements minds…? Because of curiosity, to learn, to exchange, to be better, to move our collective dials…! And it’s fun.


What would it look how? What impact could it have?
We’re doing it! A collaborative network of forward thinking individual CI people with the ability and passion to improve themselves and those around them.

Across the globe from all sites, levels, functions, industries, locations, countries, methodologies, roles with the mind set to work together, an entire world of excellence!


It began as a vision to connect the NZ lean/CI dots, but became global as more and more improvement thinkers wanted to be a part of it.
Massive change requires a mind set change, it’s about finding the active collaboratively minded people and connecting them. Impacting locally, changing the world!

6 years on, the concept just continues to be created and morph. We need to connect individuals and then network the networks.


Of course, but it’s those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who usually do.


What can I be a part of! Contribute to, be energised by other practitioners, increase knowledge, confidence, capability, share and learn, complement, create an explosion of our strengths.

  • We are all smart, have something to offer. Egalitarian.
  • Neutral and independent, global and individual.
  • Personal and Big Picture! Impacting and co-creating on an individual and big picture level.
  • Not run by experts/consultants, administrators, or an online group. We are customers and suppliers of each other.
  • Unique because of the people in it. Intelligent, passionate, active improvement doers on serious improvement missions. Not just implementing, creating!

A Network Approach to improvement, a network of Whys, of Hows (approaches) and Whos.


  • The right people, in the right combinations, on the right topics at the right time together, an art and a science!
  • It requires connections, curation, targeting, personalisation, production.
  • And central catalyst element to care about people, to know the subject, to be able to zoom in and out and take everyone on the journey.

Be excellent, allow others to join in.  Trish talks about The CICE Network


CICE is a PURPLE organisation… operating in a world of complexity, engagement, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, purpose for good, uncertainty, self management, constant improvement, innovation, change, tension, learning, curiosity, respect, openness… collective intelligence, emergence, leaders who don’t know it all, convenors, creatives, diversity, with shared energy, passion, purpose, and human perspectives. There is no one word for this, let’s just say purple!



GET INVOLVED JOIN US  Get in amongst it. and find out more here for the HOW
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