Connecting the improvement world globally

CICE: Continuous Improvement: Collaborative Excellence!

Let’s build, a personalised, collaborative network of like-minded individuals for impact across the globe.


Could we do it? What would it look how? What impact could it have?


We’re doing it! Building an ever increasing collaborative network of forward thinking individual CI people with the ability and passion to improve themselves and those around them. Across the globe from all sites, levels, functions, industries, locations, countries, methodologies, roles with the mind set to work together, an entire world of excellence!


It began as Lean Kiwis, and a vision to connect all the lean/CI dots, with a 5+year pilot in NZ, then became The CICE Network, and more and more global improvement thinkers wanted to be a part of it. Now it’s global! Massive change and improvement requires a mind set change, so it’s about finding the active collaboratively minded people and networking them. Impacting locally, at the individual level and big picture, change the world!


Of course, but it’s those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who usually do.


What can I be a part of! Contribute what I’m doing, be energised by other practitioners, increase knowledge, confidence, capability, share and learn, support, complement, create an explosion of our strengths.

  • We are all smart, have something to offer. Egalitarian.
  • Neutral and independent, global and individual.
  • Personal and Big Picture! Impacting and co-creating on an individual and big picture level.
  • Not run by experts/consultants, administrators, or an online group. A unique model, for interactions. We are customers and suppliers of each other.
  • Unique because of the people in it, how they interact with CI and each other. They are intelligent, passionate, active improvement doers on serious improvement missions. Not just implementing, creating!


Because the value of collaboration, of treating each other as peers, as equals, of sharing stories – challenges, learnings, successes together has exponential value! This is proved. Collaborative Improvement Minds sharing real practical improvement activity and stories, co-creating their own excellence journeys, then sharing, learning and not feeling alone. Becoming A Global Voice. Strengthen the individuals, impact the whole.
A Network Approach to improvement globally, a network of Whys, of Hows (approaches) and Whos.


The stories, feedback tell it all! LINK Tracking the impact of the connections.

The CICE Network:  an amazing network of collaborative individual active CI minded people. Join Us!

From New Zealand and across the World!

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