Putting the Global Improvement Crew together

WHO ♥ It’s global!

CEOs, IEs, CI people, quality, coaches, IT, creatives, VUCA, lean, engineers, data people, PMs, Ops, Academics, Bas, Prod Dev… & more!!!!

It’s the power of NOUS – The Network of Us connecting the dots, intersecting the magic between people!

The doers, the curious, the collaborators!

All demographics. What matters is your mindset, action and connecting in with others.

JOIN US!  Join Us!

It’s personal: About connections, collaboration: Win:Win! The vision is bigger than any one person.


Nous, or the Network of Us is a female-founded, eight year old, global network of improvement, change and transformation agents. NOUS began from a vision to connect the NZ Lean and Continuous Improvement thinkers. It didn’t take long for the idea to grow global, and thus Lean Kiwis has evolved to be the Network of US.

With a strong core of continuous improvement practitioners, the network now includes individuals from across the world covering all demographics. It’s about the right people, the right combinations, on the right topics at the right time.

It’s abstract, conceptual. But those who get involved love it.

Originating in NZ the question was: Could you build a collaborative network, what would it look like!

The long term the vision is a digital infrastructure, while maintaining a personal touch that will handle the nuances and complexity of humans exchanging value. Our challenge is that the concept is novel, it’s unique. We’ve only found one other person doing anything similar.

 Click the video to hear Trish, the founder tell Our Story so far…


It’s ABOUT finding improvement-minded individuals, and combining excellence. The key is who we are looking for.
The people whom are in the trenches doing, on the bike riding, in the mud, not just talking about it, but doing it, whatever the context.

To be HONEST it’s an interesting challenge. It’s not a conventional business, nor a not for profit. It’s an idea, a vision, a vocation, an enterprise.

It’s not free, but not always charged. It’s not a straight line. As someone said, “The language is quite conceptual for my literal brain.”

It’s a blend, of creating something impactful in the world of work, business, and organisations.

We just have to do it!

Who’s in the NETWORK?

All sorts of people from across NZ and the globe. Being method neutral, we’re about the people who want are doing, who want to collaborate with others.

NETWORK STORIES:  Further, Listen here for stories about people like you! What people do in the network.


MEET TRISH, Founder, Director, Connector, Curator: LinkedIn Profile
But more than that, she has always been curious, what is work, activity, what do people do, why, how could it be better, what are people doing about it…
Asking how can we connect active practitioners, to share and learn, be more together. A career working the arts, contracting, improvement and global collaboration.
Based in Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa. (Means Land of the Long White Cloud in Maori).

Trish keeps being told that she has a strong voice. A unique way of putting things. That she asks good questions. Bubbling and unending enthusiasm. She’s always been like that.
And brings that to work adventures, to changing the world of work, to doing things better in collaboration. It’s her life’s professional purpose. There are so many interesting stories to hear and people to meet.

MEET SARAH: LinkedIn Profile
Originally from Melbourne in Australia now based on the west coast of Spain. With a background in Nursing, and Continuous Improvement, Sarah is such a gem. Amazingly collaborative and intelligent with such a great energy, her ability to synthesize material, ideas and visions into the tangible – gold!

 MEET KARILEN: LinkedIn Profile
Based in the USA. She has a background in the arts and then with self-managed teams. Such an ability to allow space for the creation of what’s possible and needs to be expressed, but then passion and capability to draw that into concrete points. Interest, passion, and skills in writing and facilitation.

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