Connecting Collaborative Improvement People


Connections, accelerating journeys. Inspiring, energising, sharing, learning, going further together…

It’s ABOUT finding improvement minded individuals, and combining excellence.

The key is who we are looking for: Those in the trenches doing, on the bike riding, in the mud, not talking about it, doing it, whatever the context…

THERE is a lot of richness to be had finding them, and they are not always who you think.

Having such a wide and diverse network, and building the social capital between connections, we are broker, intermediary, connector, matchmaker. Snapshot here.

THIS IS about being part of a massive project, creating a platform both in analogue and digital, where we exchange our value… it’s about match-making, about connecting people for inspiration, for knowledge and ideas, it’s about jamming together, being like iron fillings, joining, creating a mass of change, excellence, improvement, transformation for better.

To be HONEST it’s an interesting challenge. It’s not a business, nor a not for profit. It’s an idea, a vision, a vocation, an enterprise. It’s not for free, but not always charged. It’s not a straight line. As someone said: “The language is quite conceptual for my literal brain.”

It’s a blend, of creating something, impactful in the world of work, business, organisations.

We just have to do it!


(1) Events/Meet Ups: Structured public events, general invites. Targeted, personal, invited meet ups of collaboration.

(2) Brokering Connections: Personalised requests, recruitment, access.

(3) Fueling Potential: Supporting those change, transformation, learners, makers out there, including ourselves.



“How do you do it! That was just the right connection for me.”
“Wow, from Linked In, to meeting in person when I arrived in NZ, to a really great fit with a lean minded company.”


WHAT PEOPLE SAY – Inspired & Connected

“One of the main things I’ve got from the network is the need to personalise an improvement journey.”

Can you imagine any other universe in which this combination would have happened.”

“I am so grateful for the people I have access to and will remember it for the rest of my days.”

“It’s a privilege to be in-amongst the calibre and quality of people who are in the mix.”

“It’s hard to highlight the vibrant dynamism and generous hospitality of the network…”

Listen to Steve and Duanelink, listen to Ianlink, listen to Andrewlink, listen to Nagalink, listen to Mario, watch for the room pan at the end!: link and the 2019 NZ Conference

“After being a part I feel more energised and inspired to continue with my journey, activity and challenges.”

“I’m always amazed how quickly the conversations go to a wide range of topics, in a space of psychological safety, when people have only just met.”


It’s a different start point. Assuming excellence, then connecting people.

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