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Continuous improvement/lean meet up events that captures inspiration and true networking with like minds. People who believe in combining excellence for mutual success. Good stories to listen to, curated networking – not just left to chance. Because people want to share, learn, ask what’s really happening in practice, get new ideas, increase confidence in their own journey, and feel part of something bigger! You are not alone!


Not just talking about it, we’re doing it, making it happen.

How do you get passionate, smart, motivated lean/CI professionals  networking together, sharing and learning?
You get to know them and create events to make that happen.

ABOUT: networking, mutual sharing and learning, new ideas and inspiration.
All events are about collaboration, as many beneficial connections as possible.

NOT ABOUT: sit down, listen to experts.

WHAT? Personal, small group meet ups, interactions, conversations.

UNIQUE: Culture, and people engagement is hugely important so each event meet up is uniquely created.


Continuous Improvement and Lean connections, conversations, meet ups and events in the big picture context. Based on what we’ve been doing in NZ, and increasingly global settings. Driven by the needs of us all, what matters to us. For example:

  • The full, all access CICE Network NZ
  • Digital meet ups by interest topic.
  • Breakfast meet ups.
  • Connections by focus point – e.g. lean in forestry, in councils, in the blood service.
  • Connecting academics researching in improvement.
  • Session on sharing how problem solving is being used.
  • How to start a lean journey.
  • Lean/continuous improvement in a services setting.
  • Idea management software sharing.
  • Site visits
  • Hostings by topic.
  • Bring a challenge to the group….
  • Global meet ups.
  • Access to activity, clusters, networks.
  • to name just a small amount of what we’re doing….
  • and of course our CICE Networking Conference Events…. for those click here

Here’s how you describe the network concept.

  • How exciting to be able to tap into people globally when you have a need.
  • Being part of a global voice that I can bring back to my country for inspiration.
  • It’s needed, as evidenced by when I found you.
  • It’s like a massive network of linking improvement people – like tracking flight paths.
  • About engagement, connections, community, not tools or resources, about people.
  • Great opportunity to learn {with others}… the next chapter is with colleagues around the world…. real problems, real stories. Aha moments.
  • Imagine a network not just of improvement minds, but across industries, businesses, functions, locations. A global improvement ecosystem.
  • There are people working with the concept all over the world – lots of groups, books, conferences etc. but this is in person, what am I facing, the same as people in other countries… share together, this is the main learning point!
  • {Your} project is amazing, every meet up exceeds my expectations, flows naturally, I see the CICE Team is really collaborative!
  • There are a number of organisations looking at the training, coaching, resources, tools angle, but this hits the sweet spot of engagement, connections, community, individuals creating a CI culture, facilitating conversations.
  • Strengthen each other individually, be ready for big picture world challenges, add value every day. Be lean leaders.
  • Create what Continuous Improvement means for the 21st Century. CI for adding value to humanity.

Contact in the first instance: trish @



  • Collaborative Improvement mind set.
  • Being actively engaged in continuous improvement – any approach/discipline.
  • Believe in the CICE Network principles – particularly, that we all have something to learn, and stories to share.
  • Commit to follow up/impact statement/feedback on benefit of network value exchanges.
  • Commit to participating in determining the infrastructure/funding/fuelling the network.
  • Terms & Conditions:CICE Global Events 2019 Ts & Cs

CICE: CI Collaborative Excellence: building an amazing global network! Spinning our improvement wheels faster!

Does it work!? See the Impact page. Click here.

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