Connecting the improvement world globally

We’re not just talking about it, we’re doing it, making it happen.

How do you get passionate, smart, motivated lean/CI professionals  networking together, sharing and learning?
You get to know them and create events to make that happen.

Are about: networking, mutual sharing and learning, new ideas and inspiration.

Not about: sit down, listen to experts. All events are about collaboration, win : win, as many beneficial connections as possible.

WHAT? Personal, small group meet ups, interactions, conversations.

Culture, and people engagement is hugely important so each event meet up is uniquely created. For many prior personal contact will be required for attendance.


Continuous Improvement and Lean connections, conversations, meet ups and events in the big picture context.
Based on what we’ve been doing in NZ, and increasingly global settings. Driven by the needs of us all, what matters to us.
Find the individuals, connect, strengthen the individuals, impact the whole.


Each event is different based on the starting network people, topics, attendee base, format, host, guests etc.

A spirit of collaboration or willingness engage is crucial. As is the fact that due to the nature of the meet ups, value adding and value exchanges are not linear. Sometimes the best gems come at the end, or are just a one-liner! Being in the mix is key.

Some are inclusive as part of the all access pass, some are ticketed individually through TRY BOOKING.

Contact in the first instance for more: trish @ And view the Network Mechanics Page.


Events are set up differently as above, and open to any CI/lean/improvement practitioners…any industry, level, location, experience-passion, curiosity to learn and share, and your stories. Consultants are welcome to enquire personally.

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