2019 Conference Events

Share your doing… 

17-19 Sept: Auckland & Wellington
YES: Wed/Thur 18/19 Sept: AUCKLAND
TBC: Tues 17 September: WELLINGTON

CICE NETWORKING EVENTS… people want to share, learn & be inspired!
ALL THE GOOD STUFF…. Continually updated as the details are organised. FEEDBACK from 2018 …..
– We LOVED the networking, variety of speakers, segmenting by industry, role, size, the CI challenge, the second table combination, the topics of speed networking – all of it!
– More case studies, a session on how we addressed challenges, linkage between strategy/commercial and CI activities…
– Personalised table combinations, focus on strengths as well as issues.
– And still the widest possible variety of speakers, ideas, input and inspiration!

… Can’t wait for next year’s event…will come again, very valuable, came away with lots of practical useful advice… Thanks! I’ve been inspired. Love it, I’ve found my lean soul mate!

…. CI Manager, major NZ organisation: Trish/CICE, cat-herds all of us Lean Leaders together in the network and runs probably the best/interactive conferences I’ve seen! ….

These will be the 6th and 7th CICE Networking Conference Events…
       AGENDA: What’s on offer across the events!
 – x2 table combinations during the event.
– x1 sessions of the lean/improvement challenge sheet with your table.
– x1+ version of the speed networking connecting. Sharing challenges
– Mix up by industry/role/size: sharing challenges and strengths.
– 5-6 stories, case studies, inspiration.
– Linking CI to strategy/commercial, and the all important engagement piece.
– Extras depending on location: Challenges, CI/lean & strategy, games.
– The value is in the networking and connections you make – HEAPS of these.

– Auckland, the two day event. Networking event, dinner, site visit.
– Auckland, NEW, What is Lean/CI Taster.
– Wellington, half day studio conference.
– Booking!
– All the mechanics, locations, venues, etc.

 AUCKLAND: DAY TWO: The full Networking Conference

We continue to capture the value of networking combinations & exciting speaker variety.

Speaker ONE: AMY Sampson, Management Consultant, PWC, x Global Excellence, Comvita. Amy has it all with experience from a leading NZ brand through to the services industry. She’s great! Talking about turning strategy into action – how to make sure teams are aligned and working on the real things that will make a real difference (strategic priorities).  Covering aspects of culture, measurement, and governance.

Speaker TWO: STEVE Nobbs:  Deputy Director of Defence Excellence, NZ Defence Force. Continuous Improvement in a LARGE organisation. 14,000. CI and Six Sigma, hear the ins and outs of their journey. They have a great internal team and an interesting story of the journey they have been on.

 Speaker THREE: Leading CI/lean in an SME environment. Why did it start. What has it taken. Being the GM/MD and making it happen.
What sort of person do you need to be. Looking at the commercial side of lean. Lean and strategy. How to tie them all together.

 Speaker FOUR: A big picture perspective. From Toyota UK, to consulting in Europe, to CI/excellence in major international brands. To leading consulting and lean implementation in NZ, and now internal role. Lots of good take aways from his learning.

 Speaker FIVE: Lean & Agile. A look at the differences and similarities. Introducing everyone to starting to collaborate with our wider teams. I’ve heard the speaker twice on this topic. Both times I was captivated. He’s currently in a change manager role in the services industry. Agile Coach, Ways of Working.

 EXTRA Speaker: A real story of engagement. Everyone talks about how to engage their people, their teams. This person does it! Why and how? And he’s won an internal people’s choice for it. I love his story! In Software. x Toyota Oz.

……then informal drinks to finish.
Auckland Networking Dinner:
A chance to informally meet and greet. Always popular.
Auckland Site Visit Opportunity: … Site Visit: Always popular. Working on location now!

Wednesday 17 September. Dinner pm, Site Visit am. AUCKLAND: NEW: NEW: NEW: NEW

 What is lean/CI. What does it mean to you?
Where to start. An interactive learning session. All welcome.
– 3 part session. Overview. Why do CI, then 4 coaches outline their approaches, and finally what will your individual start point be.
Wednesday 17 September. 1-5.30pm

What is lean, continuous improvement, where do you start, how does it really work…why do it.. the best people to tell you about this are those doing it! Let’s help each other!

… Slightly different format, same inclusions, just studio themed rather than full day. CI studio version of the networking conference.
 Speaker ONE: Trish Wilson: Continuous Improvement in New Zealand. What’s happening. How many people are doing it, what are the themes, the wins, the successes, the challenges. What do we all need to do. 5 years of CI networking experience.

Speaker TWO: Mel Isaacs, CI People. Administrative Excellence. Making all the mistakes, learning the hard way. Coming out the other side. Success stories!
She was hugely popular for her content and honesty in Christchurch 2018.

 Speaker THREE: Continuous Improvement in a Services setting, from someone with a manufacturing background. Currently a Change Manager in local government. Hugely positive story.

Speakers: Your input. x3 Mini case studies. People sharing on the day.

Informal drinks to finish.

** NETWORK Extra: CICE Network member informal dinner, Monday night….

BOOKING: all details here: SIGN UP NOW! CICE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION LINK PLUS hard copy paper form. Will be available.


AUCKLAND/WELLINGTON: Venues, Accommodation and Transport

CONFERENCE VENUES: Auckland: Naumi Hotel, Airport Oaks.
Wellington: The Loft, Black & Gold Events 

Parking: Details : Auckland, on site. Wellington  Parkopeida Wellington parking options
Accommodation: Auckland options: tbc Wellington Wellington NZ.com…accommodation
Airport Shuttle: Auckland tbc.  Airport Flyer – bus #91 I would recommend it, it’s great!

Terms & Conditions: Will be updated for 2019. Example.  Conference Ts & Cs 2018

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT or LEAN? Lean or lean. Continuous Improvement or CI. Most people in NZ prefer continuous improvement wording to lean. It’s more inclusive and has less connotations. Though as I used to say at Villa Maria, lean is quicker and easier to say. I’m more in the CI camp, so have tried to use the wording CI/lean to incorporate both. Really it’s the principles that we are all practicing that matter the most.

Any questions, comments, input, suggestions…. contact Conference Convenyor: Trish Wilson: 021 449 229. trish @ thecicenetwork. co.nz

… I would tell my CI friends about it because… the conference makes sense – compared to a lot of others I’ve been to!

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