The CICE Story

Connecting the improvement world globally

 Someone had an idea….

Continuous Improvement is a different way of working…it requires a mind set change. It’s about engaging and empowering through leadership and vision and creating a true CI culture. It’s about closing a gap where there is a challenge, an opportunity, an idea. It’s a different way of behaving and operating, not a set methodology. CICE is about creating the ecosystem for long term change. From command and control to engagement and development. It’s more than one and greater than many! And it can be hard with so many ‘versions’ of what lean/CI is about.

Where did CICE come from?………CICE began as Lean Kiwis, and a vision to connect all the lean/CI dots across the country.

As the CI Specialist at Villa Maria, and interacting with many people and networks across the country Trish thought there must be a way to ‘connect all the passionate people involved in lean/CI nationally’ so “we’re all better off”.

She set out to make that happen! Creating an enterprise with no agenda, with an organic structure. A neutral, independent and national platform, facilitated through a key professional catalyst role.

Now in year 6… Over 5 years and much learning has occurred, leading to real expertise in how to run collaborative, collective networks.

Going global…. But wait there’s more, because it’s not just about New Zealand, it’s about all the amazing people around the world who want to be part of a network of excellence. Of people who want to learn, contribute and share. We’ve tested it on and continue to run it in NZ, now it’s time, 1 April 2019 to take it to the world!

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