Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

CICE GLOBAL! … connecting the dots… CI people achieving collaborative excellence!

What would it look like, impact it could have… the power of network intelligence.

Make an impact both localised and ‘change the world’. Create a strong, linked global network, that can change the world.

A page to track how thinking, why think that way, where it’s come from.


C I C E – pronounced CICE, as in nice, price, dice.
Originally stood for 100% Continuous Improvement Culture Everywhere, and while that’s an aim, it’s more than that.
It’s about Collaborative, Continuous, Constant, Improvement, Excellence, Exchange, Innovation, Communication, Engagement…. so C I C E stands for it all.



What can I give back, be part of the programme, contribute what I’m doing, be energised by other practitioners, explosion of our strengths, increase knowledge, share and learn.

– We are all smart, have something to offer. Equal, egalitarian. Mutual respect.
Neutral and independent, global and individual.
– Making it personal. Individual and non-transferable membership/involvement.
– Be part of the co-creation process of designing the network. Active, in the culture/intent of the network
– Support/fund/back the infrastructural backbone the network.
Part of something bigger – both local and big picture impact.
Be a doer! A practitioner, a continually improvement learner. Show, not tell others.
– Events/activity are member driven. From pull need, not push.
– Run by Us, for Us, decentralised, but with central catalyst curation/infrastructure.
Not run by experts/consultants, or administrators, or just an online group.
Unique because of the people in it, and how they interact with CI and each other.

It’s a different start point. Assuming excellence, then connecting, curating and combing that.
But that’s where it’s an art and a science. Not all combinations work.



What we do, how we do it, why we do it.

Producing improvement network and connections for an endeavour, career, enterprise, living, vision, mission 🙂

The best analogy of tying it all together is a musical one. Think like Quincy Jones, Music Producer. You have to be a practitioner in your own right, but then you bring other practitioners together in combinations that create excellence, that fast forward and accelerate journeys of improvement.



 As the CICE Catalyst, founder, how Trish view things? – vid 1 on CICE

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Still to come: More stories of CICE in action (though check more here), and tracking the personalisation of individuals through CICE.



People have said you’re just doing you Trish. Why do you do it? Because it’s just what you do. That’s like true practitioners, artists, greats. Again with the music thinking, why was someone like David Bowie amazing. Not for one reason but for many. Quality, innovation, consistency, integrity and connection, the ability to connect with the audience.

Let’s take a journey this way. Who’s with me. 

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