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THE CICE ECONOMY : The Business of Running an Improvement Network Collective


Now the hard part. Creating a dynamic value exchange model to match the amazing value of the network interactions, in a way that keeps it valuable, sustainable, viable, and creative. An effective network value exchange, working for all parties.

It’s about being in the Network/Connecting Business and understanding the Business of Networking.

When the network first started the thought was a ‘pay what you want’ mechanism. But it’s not that easy. The value of the network is the personalisation. The challenge is that as each network exchange is dynamic and individual – same, but different. 10 people engage in 10 different ways – so too does the economic model need to be.

It can’t be ‘free’, otherwise we limit the depth, speed, reach, potential and possibilities. After nearly 7 years of activity and testing, this is our current operating model.



Based on 4 elements.

  1. Networking/connecting as a value exchange.
  2. Networking/connecting as a service/commercial.
  3. Networking as a resource.
  4. With additional extras.


(1) Networking, a Value Exchange. 

  • High Value, multi-way exchanges. The mutual value exchange between network people involved, and stakeholders in the network success.
  • Input to each other. Mutual, cost neutral. You wouldn’t expect to pay others, they wouldn’t expect to pay you. We are customers and suppliers to each other.
  • Your input to the network platform itself. Creating and producing the content then benefiting from it. Supporting the infrastructure to make that happen.

Fuel/Payments: What will be agreed/invoiced.

  • Yearly sign up, all access. Currently $450 x gst NZD. Sign up link request form: LINK.
  • Exchange/In kind
  • A long term IOU
  • It depends, variety of support/payment

(2) Networking, connecting as a Service. 

  • Network Access and Single contacts: Request, access, transactional connecting, one way as a service to get you to where you’re going.
    Accessing the knowledge, resources, information, people, learnings of the network. Help connecting. Quoted per request. CONTACT

Fuel/Payments: What will be agreed/invoiced.

  • Commercial/service quoted charge
  • One off event charging
  • It depends, variety of support/payment

(3) Networking, as a Resource. 

  • A resource of people, themes, learning, research.
    By bringing to sort of people together that we do, this then creates an amazing resource, repository of knowledge, hands on experience, practical application and ideas. Less of a consulting collective and more passionate and talented practitioners who are happy to share and exchange that externally with others.


  • Exchange dynamics to be determined as each opportunity and request comes up.

(4) Additional. 

  • 1-2 touch points. Try before you buy/commit. Makes sense, to experience what it’s all about, before putting your time, effort, energy, money into the mix. Though you need to be 100% committed to the CICE mindset in the meet ups even in this setting.
  • Invited/guesting. You might be the perfect person to add into a mix, in which case, keeping with network culture, mutual agreement, exchange will be reached.
  • In reverse. Service, exchange to and with the network. We can look at all the above in reverse. CICE funds you, owes you, for your input.
  • Minimal consultant/external provider involvement. It’s one of CICE’s key points and why people like it, that no-one is selling to anyone else in the mix. Externals are not excluded, but the involvement is limited to a select group who understand and demonstrate willingness to operate under CICE values.

Catalyst, Connecting, Curating. It is the personal that makes the network really hum along. That needs on the ground, personal catalyst, curator, connector activity. We do need to fund and fuel those providing the platforms, work, contacts, energy, time, connections, possibilities, capabilities, creativity. Please don’t be surprised at the thinking and questions, we need to work this out to continue to vibrancy of what we’re creating and what people love! Impact.

This is coming from 6+ years of action, activity, experiments, and conversations, from what people’s feedback is, by what they say the potential is. Do more amazing! Please do continue to provide your input, feedback, opinions. That’s what makes this work!

The Bigger Picture

All of the above is part of a much bigger picture. About new economic models. About what do we value, and how do we pay/exchange/trade that value. About how to do things differently. About measuring outcomes not effort. About impact, not box ticking. About more than just measurements in dollars. About the sort of society we want to live in and economic models to support that.

We’re not the only ones thinking about this, but we are trying to work out what is means for us, and therefore others.

THE CICE NETWORK… globally connecting an improvement network of everything!

CONTACT TRISH: trish @ the cicenetwork.co.nz. NEW ZEALAND 0064 21 449 229.

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