CICE Dashboard

Collaborative Impact Combined Excellence

Tracking recent value exchanges of the network.

  • Regular 30 min smoko sessions – NZ
  • Events around the topic of different personalities in lean implementation
  • Meet ups of SME owners to support each other, share stories during this time.
  • Regular varied and targeted, personal connections, interactions, conversations and emails.
  • Meet ups on the topic of value, cash, a different value exchange – great work!
  • Numerous person to person digital meet ups globally – all sorts of topics.
  • Regular comms and inspirational emails.
  • Digital coffee hello meet up – introducing 3 people to each other. UK, Ireland, SA, NZ
  • CI practitioners connecting. UK, NZ, Bangladesh
  • Mentoring connection set up and enacted. NZ and Bangladesh
  • Connecting networking catalysts to each other for their stories
  • Story Telling event
  • Active research and participation of over numerous different groups, networks, think tanks, webinars, events to inform the whole.

Participating in:

  • Explorer and Catalyst Networks.
  • Global CI Networking
  • Social, Entrepreneurial networking.
  • Webinars on a huge number of topics!
  • Ninja network.
  • Competitive Clusters thinking….

It sounds so simple when you put it in a list!

Now – the question of course is what is the impacts out the end of that. This is harder to track. Essentially we are strengthening each other, to make an amazing whole.


Richard, “I think I don’t have time to spare to meet up, then I do and there’s always nuggets and gems to take away”
Pippa, “Just being in the room and amongst the people is so energising”
Lee, “These are conversations and connections that wouldn’t have happened in any other world”
Ian, “What’s one thing I got? A whole list”
Jayden, “It’s just great to be talking about improvement again”
Viroshan, “This gets me out of my bubble”
Sean, “Had a lovely call with [him] yesterday, super guy, we’ll do good things together I think”

Akira, “I mean it, you are such a great connector of CI professionals. And, I love interacting with REAL pros including you, who are distinctively different from those who say they know CI but haven’t done anything concrete or substantial in gemba (coalface).” “I look forward to learning about CI in different context. I personally view we are NOT a seeker of truth in CI but instead a bare-hand practitioner to make things work, with QCD. Thrilled to mingle with other CI folks in different industry and different geographic locations”.

Sean, Truly amazing people connecting around you!”

Lea-Ann, “It would be great to explore each other’s work/projects to find the commonalities and the points of difference which are often complimentary and how that could be reciprocal in some form, very happy to share what I’m going to be doing in the global space which could be of great value to others”.

OUR Performance tracking.

What are we tracking currently. Success of the parts, feedback, stories which are leading to confidence in the whole.

And: Thank you from CICE.

Sarah, Lifeblood in Australia… for the words Inspire and Energise
Anja, Social Impact in NZ… awesome survey!
Stephen, Scale Institute, Australia… you’re right it’s not just connecting, it’s connecting to go forward, go further and manifest something new, make an impact.
Luiz, Brazil… for connecting me with The Catalyst Network in Australia.
Sean, Ireland, Brian, UK, David, Australia, for connecting us with each other, making more than we could by ourselves.

THE CICE NETWORK… globally connecting an improvement network of everything!

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