CICE Global

Connecting the improvement world globally

CICE GLOBAL! … connecting the dots…
CI people achieving collaborative excellence!

Imagine if we could create, a GLOBAL COLLABORATIVE NETWORK of IMPROVEMENT. What would it look like, impact it could have… the power of network intelligence.

WHY DO IT? Connecting the global improvement world.

Here’s what you’re all saying/how you describe the network concept.

  • How exciting to be able to tap into people globally when you have a need.
  • Being part of a global voice that I can bring back to my country for inspiration.
  • It’s needed, as evidenced by when I found you.
  • It’s like a massive network of linking improvement people – like tracking flight paths.
  • About engagement, connections, community, not tools or resources, about people.
  • Great opportunity to learn {with others}… the next chapter is with colleagues around the world…. real problems, real stories. This is the aha moment.
  • Imagine a network not just of improvement minds, but across all industries, businesses, functions, locations. A real ecosystem of improvement globally.
  • There are people working with the concept all over the world – there are lots of groups, books, conferences etc. but this is in person, what am I facing, the same as people in other countries… share together, this is the main learning point!
  • {Your} project is amazing, every meet up exceeds my expectations, flows naturally and I see the CICE Team is really collaborative!
  • There are a number of organisations looking at the training, coaching, resources, tools angle, but this hits the sweet spot of engagement, connections, community, individuals creating a CI culture, facilitating conversations.
  • Strengthen each other individually, be ready for big picture world challenges, add value to people every day. Be lean leaders.
  • Create what Continuous Improvement means for the 21st Century. CI for adding value to humanity.

Spin the wheels of collaborative excellence faster. Make an impact both localised and ‘change the world’. Create a strong, linked global network, that can change the world.

What can I give back, be part of the programme, contribute what I’m doing, be energised by other practitioners, explosion of our strengths, increase knowledge, share and learn.

– We are all smart, have something to offer. Equal, egalitarian. Mutual respect.
Neutral and independent, global and individual.
– Making it personal. Individual and non-transferable membership/involvement.
– Be part of the co-creation process of designing the network.
– Support/fund/back the infrastructural backbone the network.
Part of something bigger – both local and big picture impact.
Be a doer! A practitioner, a continually improvement learner. Show, not tell others.
– Events/activity are member driven. From pull need, not push.
Active participation, engagement in the culture and intent of the network.
– Run by Us, for Us, decentralised, but with central catalyst curation/infrastructure.
Not run by experts/consultants, or administrators, or just an online group.
Unique because of the people in it, and how they interact with CI and each other.


  • Three levels
    (A) Full member: $300 USD (approx. $450 NZD) per year, rolling renewal. All access to links, people, personalised connections, targeted. Meet ups extra.
    (B) Network digital meet ups: $50 USD (approx. $77 NZD) per meet up. To attend must be in personal contact. These are personalised, like minded meet ups. Same price as the open meetings but more personalised, curated. Pre/post interactions.
    (C) Open digital meet ups: $50 USD (approx. $77 NZD) per meet up. These are open meet ups to anyone who wants to book. Stand alone meet up interaction.
  • Format for meeting bookings: TRYBOOKING.COM. Email address to be provided. Credit Card payment system.
  • Pre-meeting intros for meet ups – via LINKED IN MESSAGING.
  • Meeting platform: ZOOM, and each one recorded and shared with attendees.
  • Credit System: For input into the network: Contacts, links, hosting.
  • Calendar: Meeting topics, dates, frequency collectively determined and created.

Person to person. Skype/meet/zoom, face to face.

How does it work:  

DIGITAL MEET UP & the network works. Trish on CICE Global, digital meeting format.

How do we measure success? Confidence in the parts, success of the whole!
Some background/history!  TRISH on the network:

CONTACT TRISH: trish @ the NEW ZEALAND 0064 21 449 229.

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