Connecting the improvement world globally

 You will get people at the end of this network exchange, and a personal reply!

We are across the globe. A massive global network of CI practitioners.

Trish: I do this full time. Humbled by how much people are willing to share and learn with and from each other. Email contact is trish@, phone (NZ 0064) 021 449 229, with Zoom access & on Linked In: Trish.

I am certainly not alone with so many amazing people in the mix. All members of the Network are involved in helping to connect all the improvement dots across the globe. It’s about your desire to be a part of creating something different, disrupting the traditional for everyone’s collective wins.

It’s time! After 6 years as the main instigator/founder, the pull is there to take it to the next level.

Join in the Network team, making this happen. Needed!

  • Network Agent, making the right connections happen, organising the value exchange.
  • The people on the books, managing the database, the list of amazing contacts.
  • Production, putting the events and meet ups together.
  • Stories, collecting, telling and communicating our stories.
  • Impact analyst, tracking the feedback, the impact value stories, measurement, concrete #s to the network.
  • The Techie, the background technical/framework infrastructure to make the network pop, and stand out.
  • Diffuser, finding, spreading and connecting with the global community, finding people who want to be a part.
  • The Governance/Advisor Team, a rotating group of passionate about CI and networking experts, adding their expertise to decisions, direction, plus the network dynamics and mechanics!

Current Global Governance/Advisor Team:
 Mel Isaacs, NZ, Chris Bond, UK, Nick Arthur, Australia…

For Us: By Us. Competition is I win: You lose. Cooperation: I win: You don’t lose. Collaboration: We both win!
The CICE Vision is bigger than any one person. Join Us!

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