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Who else is involved….. Improvement Minds and people from across the world…..

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Step 1

Register your interest to be in the network mix.
You need to think about your participation and contribution point. Co-creator, participant, service.
Think of this like an application, an introduction to you, and your needs.

Step 2

We look at the people, and work our magic. What are good combos. What’s possible.

Step 3

Connections of all kinds and variety.

That’s when the contribution and participation starts.

First touch points could be complimentary.
If you are looking for a service from the network, we can see how we can help and create a network of improvement people globally!



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E: trish@ P: (NZ 0064) 21 449 229

Base: Auckland, New Zealand. But we are truly global.

The network started from NZ. We are proudly kiwi minded. From New Zealand to across the World!

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