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One of the unique points about NOUS (CICE) is these are not cookie cutter events.
The value is that they are individualised, curated, like a bespoke product. Details may and should change, based on who shows up!

WHO – for Practitioners:

All events are based around people actually out there doing it themselves. This means that the stories presented are your stories, not someone else’s.
Improvement practitioners, the executors, the drivers, the forward doers, the self-directed, the activators, those out making it happen.
At all levels, sites, functions, locations, roles, industries, demographics…. you’re doing it and want to contribute and collaborate with others.
Everyone is considered active. There may be different experiences, approaches, levels in the room, this doesn’t impact the sharing as we are all doing it!


Prior knowledge of who will be in the room provided, so you have an idea of the people, their experience, capabilities, roles, locations to connect personally.


On Zoom. Why? Because this format leaves no one out, location and time not a factor. Nor is cost of travelling for attendance.
We have been running online meet ups in NZ and globally since 2019! On all sorts of topics, and in a variety of combinations. They work!

The ‘ROOM’:

The zoom room is always open prior to the start time, and will remain open for a period afterwards.
Think like a physical meeting room. Some like to come early, some like to hang and chat afterwards.


For these events to work as intended, people need to walk in with the expectation that the camera will be on the majority of the time.
Mics are on as much as possible, unless noise is disruptive to the conversation and talking.

It is also expected that you are present for the whole event. Otherwise it leaves holes in the conversation if you drop out.


There is scene setting, but as brief as possible to enable maximum interaction between those attending.
One of the magic elements is holding the space for our collective excellence and potential. That means space for all voices.

COMBINATIONS, breakout rooms:

This is dependent on the size of the gathering, and who is there.
We have done many combinations. It will be clear in advance which variation and combination will be happening.

Great feedback is coming in as to how we can use these to greater effect and impact.


Currently all rooms, groups are self-facilitating.
Your aim is maximum co-sharing. We provide some ways, ideas and tools to enable that. Desire is that all voices are important and to be heard.

THEMES, focus, direction:

It will be clear in advance what the focus, theme for the meet up is. This can go as wide and varied as we like it to.
This can be as broad as, general growth and curiosity right through to co-solving and engaging in a particular problem, or around a theme, i.e. CI & Time, or a particular tool, approach.

GATHERING the insights, learning:

This will happen as much as possible. Through the chat, and other formats participants like. All meet ups will be recorded.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to also create a central open source resource and exchange platform.

POST EVENT SHARING platform and connecting:

Platforms for sharing: Email, Linked In, You Tube.
We have not found a best community forum platform yet, not one that aligns the connections up in the best way. (We have tried many, none quite work).
We need to design our own, but in the meantime we will use the platform that most people prefer.


See Calendar of Events and bookings! HERE.


We are not consultants, people attending are not our clients. We purely network and connect amazing improvement minds for collaborative success and excellence!
We are all active, and sharing the stories, challenges, wins, learnings, energy of our activation.


It’s not something that can be 100% described. It has to be experienced.
As many people said at the end of our last in person event in 2019! NZ CICE NETWORK.


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