Connecting Collaborative Improvement People


NOUS! The Network Of Us … Connecting the dots! Improvement Minds across the Globe!
Be in amongst those out there doing it! Action, impact, a mindset of curiosity and collaboration. 


Format: Curated, convened, facilitated, connected, collaborative, inspiring, engaging: How the events work.

Rules/Ts&Cs: Culture, participation dynamics: Contribution, engagement details.

Emphasis: On the personal and the personalised. Brokering connections.


  • Best hour I’ve spent for a long time. The meet ups exceed expectations.
  • Great to be with a whole room of like-minded people. And reminded, I am not alone!
  • I have never experienced such genuine interest in conversations and sharing!
  • The event was like a recharge, to be in the same room with so many people that understand the challenges and rewards!


MAY 2021:  Based out of NZ, Connecting Across the Globe. Kia Ora Everyone!


  1. Global – Find the Others. 2 Open events: Cross pollinating, connections, conversations of improvement, change, transformation, better.
  2. Global – Interesting people. Invited event: Connecting interesting people I’ve met recently.
  3. NZ – Improvement Event. Practitioner Event: Connecting, inspiring those active in improvement in NZ, and welcome guests.


#1 FIND THE OTHERS… global cross pollinatingEnergising conversations of practitioners.

  • MEET UP #1 2 Sessions, 2 Global Timezones. Cover the world!
    Thursday 13 May, 7 pm start (NZT). (Thursday 13 May, 7 am UTC) (Time zone clock link session 1)
    Friday 14 May, 6.30am start (NZT). (Thursday 13 May, 6.30pm UTC) (Time zone clock link session 2)
    A meet up of any flavour of improvement thinking. Chew the fat, be inspired and energised, learn new things for your journey.
    Targeted: Open*: Any one is welcome, but the stories must be yours! Not your clients. You must be practising what you are talking about.
    It’s for
    practitioners, for leaders of any role, any demographic, persons interested in networking, learning, sharing and inspiring themselves and others.
    Link: for agenda, booking, and participants. Will be password protected once event is underway. Who, What, How…. 
    Duration: 1.5 hours. In Practice: See links above for how the structure and meet up format and rules work. You can book in for both!
    Tickets: $35 USD/$50 NZD (approx.) (+.30c booking fee). Discount for NZ CICE Members: OPEN April 20 Register! Sign up now!  


#2 INTERESTING PEOPLE an invited mingle. Connecting some of the interesting global people I’ve met.

  • MEET UP #2 DATE (week of 17-21 May) – TIME, tbc based on attendees.
    What: High value connections, about match making, about connecting the potential, the excellence that is out there. Global reach.
    Link:  For agenda, booking and participants. Will be password protected once event is underway. ENTRY  NOTE: This event is invite only.
    Cost: Cost neutral, contribution/participation based, but you need to be ‘invest’ in the network and the relationships. Not charged, but not free.
    If we are connected and you would like to be considered for an invitation, please contact us


#3 NZ  hosted IMPROVEMENT EVENT… networking, conversations. To inspire and propel us to the next level.

  • MEET UP #3 Thursday 27 May, times 10.30am (NZT) 
    What: In small breakouts, stories to share, discussions, challenges, successes, others will listen, ask questions, offer ideas for your journey, learn themselves.
    Who: NZ Practitioners, Global internal improvement guests welcome. ENTRY page. And for my kiwi friends: MORE DETAILS
    How: NOUS events work, the structure, the culture, the contribution and participation, see links above.
    Ticket: $28-60 NZD (+ 30c booking fees). Discount for NZ CICE Members: Bookings open now! Registration link. 


Thanks for the inspiration…. after the last one we set up a little system to gather kaizen ideas, logging 124 ideas in 14 months, with 112 implemented… that’s nearly 2/week, all the result of a breakfast chat… these things really are worth it!

It must be experienced!


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