Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

#1 FIND THE OTHERS….global cross pollinating. Energising conversations of practitioners.

  • MEET UP #1 2 Sessions, 2 Global Timezones.
    Thursday 13 May, 7 pm start (NZT). (Thursday 13 May, 7 am UTC) (Time zone clock link session 1)
    Friday 14 May, 6.30am start (NZT). (Thursday 13 May, 6.30pm UTC) (Time zone clock link session 2)
    A meet up of any flavour of improvement thinking. Chew the fat, be inspired and energised, learn new things for your journey.
    Targeted: Open Entry: Any one is welcome, but the stories must be yours! Not your clients. You must be practising what you are talking about.
    Duration: 1.5 hours. In Practice: See links for how the structure and meet up format and rules work. Format, Engagement Rules
    Tickets: $35 USD/$50 NZD (approx conversion.) (+.30c booking fee). Discount for NZ CICE Members
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A meet up of any flavour of improvement thinking. A chance to be inspired and energised, learn new things for your journey.
A place to cross pollinate approaches, ideas in practice. People have been asking for them, let’s do it!
Sessions structured to get the maximum cross pollination, engagement, exchange between those in the room.
We have run 6 conference events in NZ and many online meet ups since early 2019!


Without fail, the global feedback is consistent that people love to connect in with each other.
With like minds…. with those who get it! Who are just as excited and inspired as you are…
Who have similar stories but with enough difference to collaboratively learn and exchange together.

There does need to be a platform, a space, a container for these connections and exchanges.
This is an event for just that!

We just love who’s out there and how much people want to and are willing to share with others. We love being in-amongst it!

WHO should come?

Anyone active in the improvement world. Anyone who is curious and collaborative, asking what are others doing, how can we interact, in a one-off, or in wider impact?


You should actively meet 6 other people. That’s 6 other cool people.
You should get a minimum of 6 ideas, gems, thoughts, insights, formats, frameworks to add to your tool kits.
Even if you don’t gel with each person, everyone has something to offer.


Will be finalised and based on who’s coming and their feedback/needs.

  • The key will be insights, that we all gather and take away.
  • The format will be structured, the content of the conversations may not be.
  • It will be recorded for internal sharing only, though the video follows the curator.
  • We launch straight in, no formal round table of who people are.
  • Given the calibre in the room, 1.5 hours will go really fast and not be enough.
  • We will rotate the voices speaking as much as possible. Finding the best mechanism for this.

Structured timings:

  • Brief intro
  • 3 combinations, 3 people max.
    Random. Questions: (Note: these may/should change based on attendees, and their feedback)
    For example: Where are you coming from, your story, approach, vision, activity? Where are you going? What’s possible? What do you/we need next?
    Or I like: What is you love about your approach currently? What would you change?
    At the end, what have you loved listening to that you can incorporate?
  • Sharing back (not quite in the usual way!)
  • During: Breaks, get water, mentally debrief. Any improvements, changes we need to make?
  • Feedback, group energy, vibe, take outs.
  • DONE! Follow up!


Linked In profiles of attendees will be shared here.

ZOOM link

Will be provided for attendees.


Link for your awesome thoughts and input.
Your feedback is crucial. Pay it forward for even better connecting events. Previous feedback has shaped this event..


Gathering as much as we can from our sharing together.

 LINK to the video will be here if appropriate, for internal sharing only.


Will be provided here, and a snapshot photo of attendees.

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