Putting the Global Improvement Band together...


We have 3 ways to go about this. FIND OUT HOW.

  • Networking, connecting: Then we connect and network improvement collaborators. People, people and ideas, people and possibilities.
  • Active Doing: We are doers, doing the doing. We are practitioners out there, at all levels. It’s a key part that we are active doers of better. Practice what we preach.
  • Broadcasting: Navigation, thought leading, we tell stories, share perspectives, ask questions, commentate on themes, research offerings.


People also say….

  • It’s like matchmaking
  • You’re working out who plays best in tune with whom
  • Co-developing a community
  • About navigation, and bringing loose ends together that wouldn’t normally connect, to create a new something

    “…. people want to do better, create better, make better, be better, have better….. on a local scale, to change the world and everything in between”

NOUS | NETWORK & CONNECTING – How does that work?

HOW: What does the networking, connecting look like?


We have 3 segments in the mix. Which one are you? How will you engage?

The All In Contributor


You are!

Curious, collaborative, energised, collective, open minded, about community, connection, happy with the undefined, organic, listening, learning, co-creating.


It’s about ongoing meet ups, connections.

It’s personal.

You want to be part of something and amongst the others!

Be in personal contact with us.

The Business Side!

Regular input and contribution into the network itself. $$/in kind.

This is personal and personalised too.

But is relational, not transactional.


The Single Touch Point Participants You are!

A lot of the above elements, but you come to the network with a need in mind.

You prefer to be involved in the single touch point meet ups and activity.


Booking into single events, meet ups.

The focus is more about topics, stories, needs, wants, ideas, than the relationships.

Be part of the comms list. HERE

The Business Side!

Pay and contribute as you go.

Single event tickets, payments, buy in.

The Marketplace, the Network store. You are!

Looking for the network to provide a service.

You have a need, or request. I.e. recruitment, advise on which consultant to hire, training courses to do. Promotion of your activity.

You would like access to the resource that is the network.


The network is built around trust and connections.

We engage on this level based on assessing what people have to offer and what the network people are looking for, and the network can provide.

Email, complete our form: HERE

The Business Side!

The Network acts as a broker in this setting.

We offer curated, targeted thinking, and advise, this is premium value.

There is a fee for this. It is a service.


The approach is unique, because we are not consultants, coaches or administrators, but active doers with a passion for bringing people together, and working out how to do just that.

“What’s awesome is the people you are picking! Weaving a tapestry of collaboration and connection.”

We become a team! “I’m very much thankful with my connection to the NOUS (previously CICE) family for on going support”. 

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