Global Improvement Collaborations

A lot of inspiration is taken from Quincy Jones, who said, “I’m in the Music Business and the Business of Music.”

We are in the Networking/Connection Business, and the Business the Networking/Connection. And it is NOT a straight line!

A lot of inspiration is also taken from the principle of personalisation and a relational economy.

Consider what each party bringing to and benefiting from in the network, the connections and interactions.

We go about our work in 3 ways, connecting triangles… in practice it’s about the following:

We work across improvement of any kind, any demographic, method, globally. This is our profession, our craft, our vocation. Connecting the ‘Improvement’ Artists.

We operate in a way that starts from the point that everyone has expertise/clever and how do you combine that.
Like musicians – they play themselves, develop themselves, create a song, an album, a concert, a festival, a movement and that then inspires humanity around them, in a number of ways, audience, participants, other artists. Those synapses feed out creating a ripple effect of awesome! A catalogue of amazing!

Active Doing | Networking, Connecting | Broadcasting/leading.

The network is for ANY kind of improvement person, demographic, method, and is global.

The people in the mix are truly global, from USA to UK, to NZ, to Bangladesh, to Canada, Brazil….. and beyond.

The people we work the most closely with have 3 characteristics. Active practitioners, out there doing the mahi, the doing, making their own impacts. They are curious, want to explore, learn, and They want to collaborate in some way.

You | There are the 3 Network Engagement Levels… Our Split


We have figured out, and this graph shows it nicely. Credit to: from here: Medium article, link that there are 3 levels of network engagement. The fully engaged, the engaged but on points, and the periphery.
This makes it even more important to find the right people in the mix for what’s needed.

What really matters is your intention, your collaboration, communication. That speaks volumes!

1. All In Co-Creator: 

You are! Curious, collaborative, energised, collective, open minded, about community, happy with the undefined, organic, learning, co-creating.
Mechanics! It’s personal. Be part of something and amongst the others! Relational, not transactional.

2. Contributor/Participants, single touch points:

You are! Some of the above elements, but you come to the network with a need in mind. You prefer to be involved in the single meet ups and activity.
Mechanics! Single events, meet ups. The focus is more about topics, stories, needs, wants, ideas, than the relationships. Contribute as you go.

3. Network as a service:

You are! Looking for the network to provide a service. You have a need, or request. You would like access to the network resource.
Mechanics! The Business Side! The Network acts as a broker in this setting. We offer curated, targeted thinking, advise. It is a service with a fee.

CONTRIBUTION. No passengers.

You need to contribute to the mix.
You need to in some way fund or fuel the network’s STEIM (skills, time, energy, ideas, money).
You need to contribute to others, and to the network itself.

Again there are levels:

  • Projects, Contracts, Commissions, Fees
  • The Network Ledger, a mixture of in-kind, tix, passes.
  • Royalties, commission, sponsorship.

 These relate back to the levels of the network.

  • Co-creators. The Relational Economy.
  • Participants/contributors. A mixture.
  • Marketplace/Service. The Traditional Economy.

Think like a 21st Century version of the old Telephone Exchange. How are you tapped in?

Imagine this, some of the examplesHow would you fund the following?

  • A contact from Linked In, comes to a new country, is met, engaged with, is connected with an organisation looking to fill a role and is successful. Who would you charge, how?
  • Connecting blood services between UK and Australia on a zoom call. People who wouldn’t have met otherwise?
  • A network, linked in contact asking for a referral for a lean coach, specific industry type and size.
  • Someone wanting to find a lean six sigma mentor.
  • A regional business organisation wanting to help and inspire local companies looking for consultant help.
  • A CI practitioner developing software wanting access to the network to test, trial and ask people what they think.
  • Connections and bringing people together around certain topics.
  • Finding and meeting individuals that you know would benefit hugely from knowing each other.

Because these connections are not just “oh you should meet such and such”, they are discerning connections, orchestrated and choreographed and well thought out. There is nothing out there currently. So in true collaborative style, the only thing to do is to co-create what we need. Our mechanism for mutual success.


More on the challenge of how do we all fund, fuel, exchange, value and exchange our value?

The thought has always been what’s a model that we can create, what can we utilise which is dynamic like the network, is future looking, but also makes sense.

We asked people how they would fund, fuel such a network, and got a variety of answers…..

  • The hardest thing about creating such a network of connections is a value structure that works alongside the magic.
  • There have been many iterations, questions and explorations of how this might work.
  • A model that is totally free for its users is not sustainable for the one who provides the service!

Our mechanism is layered, there is no one size fits all, but we aim for a culture of mutuality and collaboration.

Ask what your contribution to the network will be. What will be the network’s contribution to you.


So as you engage think about what you would like, what you’re coming to the network for, how you’d like to participate, what part you will play, what you would like to receive and let’s get started! All correspondence and input is welcome to co-create something, just as we do with the network itself!

Network Rules! 

We have principles and ‘rules’ that we run the network by. Click HERE for more.

And here are some answers to FAQs! LINK

 Network Exchange Contracts

We also discovered this thinking which we found inspirational: Networks and are working along these lines with the network combinations we create. THE AGREEMENT: ‘Contract’ to be created for all engagements.

 The Future! 

Currently we are a personal, personalised ‘analogue’ network, production ‘company’.

In the future we want to create a strong digital version for more mass, general use while keeping the cream of the personal. Watch this space!

And a network ‘ledger’ system to track the magic, like a Flight Tracker, or EBay rating system.

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