The Better Mahi Improvement Network


A room full of passionate, smart, motivated lean/CI professionals networking together, sharing and learning.

CHECK THIS OUT: CICE on You Tube 2018. and here’s 2019 CICE Conference Event


It’s time! For a NZ Meet up of all the improvement people out there…..


November 9 and 10 – Hold the dates.


There will be three sessions. One open, one just for practitioners, and a open global speed networking event.


On Zoom. Why? Because that gets the maximum people and exposure. No-one is left out due to travel/budget challenges.


Are about: networking, mutual sharing and learning, new ideas and inspiration.
Not about: just sitting listening to experts. All events are as much collaboration, win : win, beneficial connections as we can get.

Will include:

  • An inspirational key note speaker.
  • Stories from practitioners.
  • A snapshot of all the people, resources out there.
  • Connections of people, ideas, themes, challenges, solutions.
  • Sharing details of all people present.
  • There will be a Marketplace page – where people can advertise their services and offerings.


  • A ticket charge will apply.
  • There will be charges for promotion and ‘advertising’.
  • Mutual Agreements/exchange of services will be in place with relevant parties.


All people involved and ideas captured will be shared with the whole team who enrol.


There will be opportunities to organise follow up events, meet ups, connections.


The event will operate under collaborative rules. See current.

….One of the best events I’ve been to! Great balance between listening and engagement.
…..Well done for another excellent event!! I’m re-enthused!
…..Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the CICE event. I met some really interesting people and had some really good discussions.
…..Best one day session I’ve had for a long time.

You won’t want to miss these, personalised, and engaging. How could you not love continuous improvement, the potential and the people involved.


What makes CICE/INQ unique is that we’re not selling you any services. the point of these events is to bring people together. It’s in the intersections and connections where the magic happens. The goal is to create and enable these to happen. Create a culture of collaboration, trust, engagement, that makes the sharing and inspiration – faster, better and deeper. And that can only help the magic of what we are ALL trying to do individually and collectively.

 And CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS for what occurred in 2019. (Above picture – Christchurch 2018)


CICE Facilitated Networking Conference Events…2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019!

In the past we’ve had stories/site visits with people from: Tait Communications, Goodman Fielder, Fletcher Construction, APL, Goodwood Industries, F&P Healthcare, Tru-Test, Gallagher, RX Plastics, Dairy NZ, Ravensdown, Education, Erik’s Fish&Chips, Norske Skog, Auckland University, GDM, Purata (now Theland Farm Group), Meadow Mushrooms, NZ Windows, Christchurch Engine Centre…on topics such as Deming, Health & Safety, Education, Lean Accounting, SMEs, IT, manufacturing, dairy, CI in administration, each one adding something to the mix. And then there’s the networking, the connections and combinations of all descriptions, speed networking (yes this works!), the lean challenge, and collaborative room thinking! It works because of the fabulous people who come!

Examples of previous:
CICE Conference 2015 – Agenda & Booking Auckland
CICE Conference 2016 – Agenda & Booking Christchurch
CICE Conference 2017 – Agenda & Booking Auckland
CICE Conference 2018 – Agenda & Booking Wellington. Attendee link
CICE Conference 2018 – Agenda and Booking Christchurch. Attendee link 

AND … Auckland 2019: This is what happened: Auckland conference link: Attendee link

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