Connecting the improvement world globally



The CICE Network has been in existence since 2013.

With well over 1200 contacts in the NZ lean, improvement space…. 3000 contacts on Linked In…. around 250 global improvement connections.

Covering many countries, industries, roles, sites, locations, approaches, backgrounds…

WHAT ‘SELLS’ the NETWORK: Is the stories.

“One of the main things I’ve got from the network is the power and need to personalise an improvement journey.” CI Manager, NZ

“Can you imagine any other universe in which this combination of improvement minds would have happened.” Change Consultant, UK

“I got more out of connecting for a day with other practitioners than 3 days with a consultant.” Production Team, NZ

“I am so grateful for the people I have access to and will remember it for the rest of my days.” Industrial Engineer, Bangladesh.

Someone asked me the other day Trish, how do you do what you do, connecting improvements minds…?
Because I am curious, I want to learn, I want to exchange, I want to be better at what I’m doing, I want to move our collective dials…! And I think it’s fun.


  • Certainly worthwhile, There is a demand to share ideas as I found when I found you!
  • Best hour I’ve spent for along time, thanks to everyone for their ideas.
  • I’m super impressed. Count me in! Just wanted to say you have an ally. (Netherlands)
  • Very exciting and well done. (Australia)
  • It looks great. It works because of the people, because of you, and the people in it! (UK)
  • We are happy to be part of your global initiative. Let us know how we can add value specifically to make this initiative a successful one. (Malaysia)
  • I think you should take the network global. (India)
  • Certainly happy to work with you to bring this alive. (Australia).
  • SO Exciting! (NZ)
  • An amazing opportunity to be part of! Thank you so much for connecting us. Definitely food for thought/great connections.
  • I am very much looking forward to the next one.
  • The meet ups keep exceeding my expectations.
  • Well done for another excellent event!! I’m re-enthused!
  • Great to be with a whole room of like-minded people. And reminded, I am not alone!
  • I have never experienced such genuine interest in conversations and sharing!
  • Best afternoon I’ve had for a long time. Peer pressure is amazing.
  • The event was like a recharge, to be in the same room with so many people that understand the challenges and rewards of CI!
  • Nice to take time out to get fresh ideas and to think on where we are and where we would like to go with our improvements…
  • Great job! I’ll be back!
  • Excellent day, lots to think about.
  • Very knowledgeable room of passionate improvers!

In events such as: 

  • The person who was amazed and pleased at the access to CI minds that he has.
  • A breakfast where one idea made a big difference to the framework used for ideas.
  • The ability to connect with like minds on say Industry 4.0 and Lean.
  • Knowing you’re not alone. “You people have given me the confidence, shot in the arm to go back and keep going.”
  • The ability to share a story and receive feedback from those who understand you.
  • Sound boards who care about you, and ask good questions to help you achieve CI.

And even more:

  • How exciting to be able to tap into people globally when you have a need.
  • Being part of a global voice that I can bring back to my country for inspiration.
  • It’s needed, as evidenced by when I found you.
  • It’s like a massive network of linking improvement people – like tracking flight paths.
  • About engagement, connections, community, not tools or resources, about people.
  • Great opportunity to learn {with others}… the next chapter is with colleagues around the world…. real problems, real stories. Aha moments.
  • Imagine a network not just of improvement minds, but across industries, businesses, functions, locations. A global improvement ecosystem.
  • There are people working with the concept all over the world – lots of groups, books, conferences etc. but this is in person, what am I facing, the same as people in other countries… share together, this is the main learning point!
  • {Your} project is amazing, every meet up exceeds my expectations, flows naturally, I see the CICE Team is really collaborative!
  • There are a number of organisations looking at the training, coaching, resources, tools angle, but this hits the sweet spot of engagement, connections, community, individuals creating a CI culture, facilitating conversations.
  • Strengthen each other individually, be ready for big picture world challenges, add value every day. Be lean leaders.
  • Create what Continuous Improvement means for the 21st Century. CI for adding value to humanity.
  • Thanks for the inspiration…. I haven’t been for a while, but after the last one we set up a little system to gather kaizen ideas, logging 124 ideas in 14 months, with 112 implemented… that’s nearly 2/week, all the result of a breakfast chat… these things really are worth it!

And then what people say in person…. 

The value is in the networking and connections. Listen to these people….

Listen to Steve and Duanelink Steve, VP, System Value Stream Manager
Listen to Ianlink Ian, Project Manager
Listen to Andrewlink Andrew, BI Facilitator
Listen to Nagalink Project Manager, CI
Listen to Mario, and watch for the room pan at the end!: link Mario, Production Engineer

And Trish on the value of enabling connections.?

The CICE Network: An amazing network of collaborative individual CI minded and active people. 

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