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We’re in NZ and we care about it. Let’s do more together, get some real improvement traction.

I got more out of connecting for a day with other practitioners than 3 days with a consultant.”

The numbers are there, let’s get more collective traction for our combined knowledge, passions, skills and effort!


  • NZ has 5 million people, with a workforce of around 2.3 million.
  • We have 5000 companies with 20+ employees. 
  • >1% of our 550,000 enterprises have 100+ employees, and they employee 47% of all NZ employees. 
  • NZ has perhaps 2-3,000 organisations with improvement (any approach) touch points.
    Through NZTE, Callaghan Innovation, Better By Lean, NZBEF, HPWI, TWI, Deming Institute, Consultants, Training, Clusters, AQS.
    We led the world with TWI Implementation, Training Within Industry.
  • How many people does that mean have understanding and interest in improvement what do we and the way we do it.

Question: What is happening with all that learning, input, activity, improvement projects? Where has it gone, why is it not exponential?

Everyone wants to network in with others involved in improvement for: support, insight, feedback, inspiration, knowledge, resources.
Let’s do more of that! 
It’s the daily, monthly, yearly practice amongst others that makes the difference.


WHO’S IT FOR? Open to active doers. Willing to learn, engaging, collaborative, mutual win:win.



Bringing together NZ Improvement, change and Lean Practitioners. For more traction, impact and collective success.
There are plenty of webinars, online learning events, but there’s a need for connecting those out there doing it – sharing experiences. We’re doing that!

  • Connect with the others. Peer to peer learning 80% how adults learn.
  • Demonstrated examples of improvement/lean in practice.
  • Be energised, inspired, supported with people, new ideas, knowledge and information.
  • Do more with your own improvement journey and goals.
  • Be an active part of the NZ improvement/lean landscape.


Previously full NZ conference events: View here.


To see how the events work in practice: Click here.


All details, agenda and booking you will find HERE once they are up and ready to book.


We are working to connect those who are leading business excellence, continuous improvement, lean endeavours across the country.
Those running networks, clusters, programmes. (Not external consulting offerings though).
Can we together build a cohesive approach to achieving a country of excellence that we all know if possible. Connecting the dots is a first step.

Connect in person THE NZ IMPROVEMENT NETWORK… connecting an improvement network of amazing kiwis!

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