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ABOUT: sharing, learning, new ideas, inspiration, NOT About: sit down, listen to experts, UNIQUE, each meet up uniquely created.

Making it happen.


This is about joining the Network Books. The community, the people involved in the activities.

  • Full CICE Network membership: Sign up link request form: LINK. Yearly $450 NZD.
  • Improvement people… send me an email to join in the mix. trish @
  • Global Digital Meet ups are underway. Email trish @ to be part of the exchanges going, creating a massive global improvement network.
  • Access requests. Contact us separately.

Be in contact! The CICE concept is a bit different. Some get it right away, others want to experience it first hand. Personalisation is key. Let’s make it happen for you.

And make sure you check out the HOW page for network dynamics and mechanics.


“CICE is not selling anything, that’s so unique and refreshing… the network has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set.
It’s facilitated and organic, about no central expert, no one way … and that’s why we like it.”

CICE: CI Collaborative Excellence: building an amazing global network! Spinning the improvement wheels faster!

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