Connecting the improvement world globally

A network of sharing, learning, inspirations and exchange.
Connections, Interactions, Conversations.

Strengthening and sustaining each individual journey.
Impacting the big picture.


It’s a co-created, network exchange, with a catalyst/connectors – making it personalised, valuable, useful and impactful…. before signing up check in… Are you: collaborative (in and out), open minded, improvement minded (any approach), want to give and be a full part as much as you want to receive? Any interest is welcome, but to be a fully signed up and engaged member, we need to meet, talk, connect…


  • About connecting, conversations, sharing, not consulting.
  • A collaborative network of passionate, engaged individuals. Peer to peer learning, but creating value out of collaborating together…
  • Targeted & personal.
  • All countries, sites, levels, functions, industries, methodologies, approaches.

 Be excellent and allow others to join in. Connecting the dots is the mission.


Show interest, put your willingness in the mix. Connect. Increasing OUR own improvement success through a Collaborative Network Approach. Strengthen the individuals, impact the whole.

Note: It’s not always easy to grasp, because it’s about sharing our collective value for mutual individual and big picture success.

WHAT ‘SELLS’ the NETWORK: Is the stories. Our stories….

  • The person who was amazed and pleased at the access to CI minds that he has.
  • A breakfast where one idea made a big difference to the framework used for ideas.
  • The ability to connect with like minds on say Industry 4.0 and Lean.
  • Knowing you’re not alone. “You people have given me the confidence, shot in the arm to go back and keep going.”
  • The ability to share a story and receive feedback from those who understand you.
  • Sound boards who care about you, and ask good questions to help you achieve CI.


You’re not selling anything, that’s so unique and refreshing…..CICE has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set. It’s facilitated and organic, we’re about no central expert, no one way … and that’s why we like it. We need to collaborate. Be part of something making a difference.


Connections, conversations, meet ups, link ups… in any form that’s personal. LINK to activities page. HERE.

Targeted connections, meet ups, in person and digital, help with your CI efforts, challenges, successes, people to share and engage in your story, conferences, recruitment, advice, resource sharing, research sharing, helpful links, articles, learnings, activity, engagement and navigation… the key: it’s a mutually beneficial, collaborative network. Don’t join if you just want something from it. On balance, it’s a give, take and receive network! And it works!


Harness the power of collaboration and circulating value. There are a HUGE number of Improvement practitioners of all persuasions around the world… all industries, countries, roles, levels, sites, functions…. there are beginners, practitioners, leaders, experts… and collaborating is essential. Those are the people who are attracted to this network. Like-minded, collaborative improvement thinkers of any discipline, co-creating their own excellence journeys in person, together. The ones who say ‘these are my people’.

The network conversations are open interest, but we are very clear on the culture and dynamics of what we are creating. It is a place for mutual learning and sharing, not a business network. If one of your goals is to get clients, business, expand your offering through this network this is not the best place. Why? Because that’s not what the others in the network are looking for.

Who knows what we can do next! Collaborating, Learning, Doing, Improving! Trish May 2019


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