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IMG_1647The CICE NETWORK … Connections & Exchanges
Strengthening and sustaining each individual journey.
Not for the faint hearted. CLICK THE LINK 
Working better together for solutions.
A networks of sharing, learning and exchanges.
New Zealand & Global.

A completely neutral, independent CI network: By Us – For Us

  • About facilitation, not consulting. Non-prescriptive, based on co-creating. All sites, levels, functions, industries. Peer to peer learning, a collaborative network of passionate, engaged individuals. Targeted & personal. JOIN US 
  • Flat retainer fee/year ($450 NZD (x gst as at 1.4.19). Special events separate.
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  • Why pay? Because the central catalyst role is key. Keeping up with who’s who, what they’re doing, areas of focus and interest. Making the sparks fly! [Note: Consultants are $1800-$3000 per day! This is $450 for a year! Connecting with your peers!]

The difference?

  • You’re not selling anything, that’s so unique and refreshing…..CICE has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set. It’s facilitated and organic, we’re about no central expert, no one way … and that’s why we like it. We need to collaborate. Be part of something making a difference.

What happens?

  • Targeted connections, meet ups, in person and digital, help with your CI efforts, challenges, successes, people to share and engage in your story, conferences, recruitment, advice, resource sharing, research sharing, helpful links, articles, learnings, activity and engagement, coaching, navigation….. the key is that it’s a mutually beneficial, collaborative network. Don’t join if you just want something from it. On balance, it’s a give, take and receive network! And it works!

Want to tap into the Network on a one-off, connection request basis?

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