Collaborative Impact Combined Excellence


Are you: collaborative, open minded, improvement minded (any approach), want to give and be a full part as much as you want to receive? Any interest is welcome, to be a fully signed up and engaged member, we need to meet, talk, connect…


A collaborative network of passionate individuals. Peer to peer learning, creating value out of collaborating together…

  • About connecting, conversations, sharing. The right people together, an art and a science!
  • About producing improvement meet ups from 1:1, small groups, conferences, and beyond, in person and digital.
  • About being the centre point for improvement globally, the conduit for connections, information, SME (subject matter experts) on who, what, why, where, when, how….

Be excellent, allow others to join in. Connecting the dots is working, be one.Hear how: Trish talks about The CICE Network An amazing network of active, collaborative CI minded people.


The Network Mechanics, value exchange, page tells it all… Click through to the details here.
Direct sign ups:

  • NZ Full CICE Network membership: Sign up link here: fully signed up CICE Network. Yearly $450 NZD.
  • NZ CICE Comms… send me an email to join in the mix.

This is a collaborative network, and no one size fits all.


Connections, conversations, meet ups, link ups… in all sorts of personalised combinations. IN PRACTICE

Continuous Improvement and Lean connections, conversations, meet ups and events in the big picture context. Based on what we’ve been doing in NZ, and increasingly global settings. Driven by the needs of us all, what matters to us. For example:

  • The full, all access CICE Network NZ
  • Digital meet ups by interest topic.
  • Breakfast meet ups.
  • Connections by focus point – e.g. lean in forestry, in councils, in the blood service.
  • Connecting academics researching in improvement.
  • Session on sharing how problem solving is being used.
  • How to start a lean journey.
  • Lean/continuous improvement in a services setting.
  • Idea management software sharing.
  • Site visits
  • Hostings by topic.
  • Bring a challenge to the group….
  • Global meet ups.
  • Access to activity, clusters, networks.
  • to name just a small amount of what we’re doing….
  • and of course our CICE Networking Conference Events…. for those click here


There are a huge number of collaborative improvement practitioners of all persuasions around the world… all industries, countries, roles, levels, sites, functions….these are the people who are attracted to the network. Harnessing the power of collaboration and circulating value, like-minded, improvement thinkers co-creating their own excellence journeys together. The ones who say ‘these are my people’.

Note: The network conversations are open interest, but we are very clear on the culture and dynamics of what we are creating. It is a place for mutual learning and sharing, not a business network. If one of your goals is to get clients, business, expand your offering through this network this is not the best place. Why? Because that’s not what the others in the network are looking for.


CICE is not selling anything, that’s so unique and refreshing… the network has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set. It’s facilitated and organic, about no central expert, no one way … and that’s why we like it. Be part of something making a difference.

 1+1+1+n = EXPONENTIAL.

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