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This isn’t your usual network. Because we are about connecting dots, we need to know we’re connecting the right dots … right people, right time, right dynamics.

Think of initial encounters and contacts two ways:

ONE | Like a taster, an introduction, a welcome. About insights both ways.

TWO | and like an audition, like a Go-See, Demo, Tryout, Reading….. (back to the arts analogies!), an Opportunity, an application.

The whole network is relational! That’s not about numbers, it’s about quality and fit!
It’s also experiential. It’s not till people experience the magic of chemistry transcending the individual people that it makes sense.

With three steps:

Step 1 | Register your interest to be in the network mix. You need to think about your participation and contribution point. Co-creator, participant, service.

Step 2 | We look at the people, and work our magic. What are good combos. What’s possible.

Step 3 | Connections of all kinds and variety. That’s when the contribution and participation starts. First touch points could be complimentary.
If you are looking for a service from the network, we can see how we can help and create a network of improvement people globally!

Contribution/payment is via various methods | In kind, exchange, co-creation, contract, project fee, commissions, tix/passes, royalties, sponsorship.

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