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CICE is all about us collaborating nationally to forward our collective lean/CI thinking, and spread a greater CI vision. Everyone has their piece and part to play. Being in the neutral, independent space means gaining an excellent understanding of the themes around NZ. What’s working, what’s not, how to progress forward. The challenge is how do you share, the successful themes, in practice activity. You start by  collating all the activity, then build a network of participants, people, members sharing and interacting with their stories of success and challenge. Here then is some of what’s going on in NZ.

THE CATALYST’s SPOT: From Trish, what is going on.
– UoA Visual Management Board success: Link
Doing lean to be more competitive: A NZ Story: Link
– We have a full time resource on this, see the services page:
Integrated Reporting/Integrated Thinking in NZ: Link
ACTIVITY….. October
– CICE Network breakfast Auckland, 11 October
– Bay of Plenty, Lean Cluster, meet up, 17 October
– Waikato Lean Cluster, visit to Gallaghers, 18 October
– Christchurch Lean Network, session, 25 October
– It seems we used to have the best TWI programme in the world: read the link. Thanks Mark Warren for sharing everything you know!
Trish will also load all the links sourced from up and down the country about lean & CI.

And there’s all of you, these resources: SEE BELOW.

but there’s so much behind
it all, please be in touch.

Companies & Organisations…..
There are around 2000+ companies involved in some type of improvement, lean, systems thinking and activity…..all nature of sites, levels, functions, locations and industries….manufacturing; big, small, all types, well known brands, SMEs, high exporters, localised companies, electronics, medical devices, services, banks, government, dairy, forestry, wine, honey, food industry, logistics, tourism, jewellery, sports, plastics, joinery, power, construction, boating, health, education, organisations with 30 employees, and globally with thousands….you name it it’s there! A monthly mail out goes out to a huge number of these contacts.

The list is known as current, but no substitute for doing your own homework. The question is what works for you and your business.  There are significant themes emerging about what works – and what doesn’t. We want NZ to be awesome, and working together on this.

  • Networks and Clusters nationwide…
    Networks, clusters, conferences, support organisations, resources. List as at 2018.
  • External Resources/Consultants/Providers
    Currently around 150 different providers: List as at 2018. Navigation help available.

Disclaimer: The information is collated for our collective business good. It is correct as known, and will be updated as new information/updates are provided. CICE takes no responsibility in displaying the list in regards to fit for business challenge, accreditation of offering or replaces the need for businesses and individuals to do their own homework and analysis when making choices of engagement. Help can be provided on a personalised basis as indicated at the top of the page.

Contact for anything: Trish Wilson. Trish at the CICE Network 021 449 229.
CICE is a vision and a network:

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