NETWORK Dashboards

Connecting the improvement world globally

NETWORK DYNAMICS – tracking all the dynamics of the network
HOW does it all work, how is it tracking, success stories, impact model…. You are very welcome to find out more. It’s open interest, but not open access. FOR THE PASSIONATE.CICE NZ – continues it’s amazing journey
To find out more, it’s about your curiosity, desire to be part of a mutually value adding network, so you need to actively be in touch to find out more. MEMBERS LINK
CICE GLOBAL – time to go global!
1 April ’19 marks 5 years since the CICE began, there is mounting global interest. So let’s make that happen. As above, you need to personally get involved. The network as it grows: GLOBAL CICE
ABOUT PEOPLE –  The CICE NETWORK is connecting the dots! An Ecosystem of excellence.

THE CICE NETWORK… starting out of amazing NZ – going GLOBAL! GLOBAL CICE!

CONTACT TRISH: trish @ the NEW ZEALAND 0064 21 449 229.

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