Connecting Collaborative Improvement People


We asked the question, how should the network fund itself.

The hardest thing about creating such a network of connections is a value structure that works alongside the magic.

There have been many iterations, questions and explorations of how this might work.

A model that is free for its users is not sustainable for the one who provides the service!

Many people across the world are looking at new ways of adding value, measuring the impact enabling exchanges.

This is where we are at to date. 2021.

Long term the vision is to have a complementary digital platform alongside the personal that will handle the nuances and complexity of humans exchanging value.


What are you paying for?

 Connections/brokering of value.

 Events, Meet ups, participation and access.

 All access/retainer passes, being in the loop, notification of knowledge, ideas, events of interest.

 Personal and personalised connections.


What’s your contribution. You choose, we mutually agree. It’s about a variety of:

  • Active in your own journey.
  • Supporting the success of those around you.
  • Invested in the health of the network itself.

CHARGES: Choose your participation, and let’s collaborate together.

BY EVENT payment, set fee, prior registration. Invoice, Try Booking, Credit Card.

 RETAINER: Yearly or Monthly payment, subscription. Comms, access. (NZ currently on $450NZD/yr). Bitcoin payment.

IN KIND, reciprocal arrangement, services exchange. Support the network infrastructure. (There is a list of opportunities to do so).

 FINDERS/CONNECTORS/COMMISSION FEE, where it’s commercial benefit: recruitment, brokering, quoted and charged.

PROJECTS: Working together on projects, on making linkages, helping each other, charged. Long term relationships.


 SPONSORSHIP/DONATION. A desire to contribute to the greater good activity.


 NETWORK TASTER: First touch point/experience may be offered on a complimentary basis.

NETWORK BENEFIT: The network itself benefits from you, your input directly, can employ any of the above methods to recognise this.

About our thinking.

People have commented that the network is quite unique, there is nothing else quite like it. That comes from our initial foundational thinking.
There is a huge focus on the people side, the relationships, the connections to the ‘exclusion of money’…. However, not to the exclusion of value.
We don’t enjoy the transactional nature of hourly, project charging, but we value that everyone is precious and needs to be treated as such, including ourselves.

There are no passengers here. With on-going engagement, you must have skin in the game.

The Value.

Is in the connections that strengthen our own and each others journeys. It’s in knowing which connections would be amazing and how.

How do you change the world? Not with new inventions, but connections in new and unique ways of people already out there doing!

“I know that if a call like this is organised I can expect to meet seriously insightful people who are deeply aware of where they are on their journey and able to reflect and discuss that.  Last night was no exception.”

Any and all correspondence, and input is welcome to co-create as we do with the network itself!

© Trish Wilson. All Rights Reserved. 2021.