Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

THE NETWORK OF US – Our NOUSDoesn’t just happen, there is a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes. It’s co-created. About contribution and exchange.

But what needs to be done? How can you help, be involved, be one of the team?

A SUMMARY of what’s possible, what’s happening, what you could do.

Many people keep offering me their assistance, but want to know more details.
Many people are currently want to be in The Club, to participate, and that is more through contribution and exchange than $$.

Running, facilitating, managing, curating, driving, running such a Network is a massive undertaking.

It’s more than just one person, and it’s more than just me! So here goes.


We’re open sourcing network creation!

The list below is NOT is priority order. Look and pick what resonates with you, what you want to explore, learn about, use your skills on,




FEEDBACK Feedback consolidation, themes, actions.
Feb 10 NZ, Global meet up. Gather the feedback provided attendees. Summarise in themes, action points.
And subsequent meet ups.
10 people, on email, google forms, Trish’s notes, and the video. Read, put it together for sharing, and utilising. 25.2.21 Sarah O’Connor! 🙂
Feb meet up feedback. Trish to provide details.
BRANDINGTechnology Consolidation

We have 4 domains. 3 emails!, on Google/Gmail (email needed)

Google needs to have it’s main account changed. To what? And so invites come from the main email.
We need an @thenetworkofus email.
Do we need too? host is awful.
WEBSITE Choosing a new host provider – never liked the current. WordPress is not great.
The website has never been professionally designed.
The copy! – Needs to match itself and our themes and branding.
Website design, hosting, copy and ease of updating. Currently it’s fairly easy to do, but not very elegant. (i.e. can’t get table borders here!)
DATABASE Working through finalising the database.
Currently this is on ACCESS.
Needs to have all NZ contacts and LI contacts added and then categorised.
There are around 1000 NZ contacts to check. And 2500 Global ones on LI.
It seems not useful, but as I’ve gone through it there are gems of people in there.Track, details, categorise and get contact details – That’s the key.
COMMUNICATIONS How?? To do effective communications to the interested people!

Currently Email, LI posts, LI messaging.
LI Groups hasn’t really worked. A forum here didn’t really work. On both only about 10% somewhat engagement, 1% active. Same with most groups.

Slack? WA? Guild? …….

Email is the most common.

I don’t like Mail Chimp – not personal enough.

Online groups – % of those involved means the ‘right’ person might not be there.



Ideas such as software for the network, especially targeting what we are trying to do, overcoming the short falls of what’s out there currently.

Network Currency?

Blockchain way of exchanging value.

EVENTS Event organisation.
Set up, management, see Event page.
Essentially event management.

And then there’s…..

MEASUREMENT Our DashBoard of Doing.
What metrics, measurements should we use. Are we practicing what we preach.
Should we track impact, outcomes, outputs.
ROI of network involvement.
Energy engagement levels – prior and post.
Impact 1 month and beyond afterwards.
#s in the network, renewing (NZ) … engaging.
There is a lot of this information around.
I have collected through surveys, feedback forms, emails etc. Conference feedback forms.
Some has been consolidated.But what are we tracking – what matters. Who loves doing and thinking about this stuff!
VISUALISATION Depicting the network, the network activity in images and visuals. I am wordy. I think in words, images of words!
Everytime I try to do pictures I end up in words….But we all know a picture speaks a 1000 words so depicting what we do in images will be key. Related to the below.
NETWORK LOGO Network logo – as simple as that! Lean Kiwis was a green kiwi.
CICE – crossed over dots/lines.FIVER is actually quite interesting to plug in needs and get images – have a set.Or a friend had a contact who designs logos.
RESEARCH Following up on leads, on links, on potential people, searches.

And putting that information in an accessible format.

For example currently:

  • BOOK: DAVID is writing a book. Potential contacts: Background searches, perspectives, contact.
  • RECRUITMENT: Richard is searching for a special kind of Quality Manager in ChCh, NZ. Follow up with this is needed.
RESOURCES Collating, curating, consolidating, sharing, linking, filing all the resources, links, information, knowledge that comes our way. I.e. on Linked In posts people share other links and information, approaches etc. This needs to be captured somehow, somewhere, even if only in a spreadsheet till above – we develop our own platform for it all.
TESTIMONIALS Follow up with people to get video recordings and summary of their feedback to promote even more connections There are 5 on The Experience page, but opportunity for heaps more!
FINANCIAL PLATFORMS Research into best way to handle receiving money, and organisational structure. So far CICE has been a sole trading endeavour. Bookings are through Try Booking.
Work and research has been done on online payments, and credit cards.
NZ payments are often by invoice/bank.


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