Putting the Global Improvement Crew together

THE VOiCE – The fuel is in the VALUE of COLLABORATION

In order to create the type of exchanges and magic that we want, we need a different model of exchange. The only way to do that is to create it. There’s nothing out there currently.

And one of the key parts of any successful network, collaboration is ALL VOICES are key.

So we’re developing the VOiCE Model for network collaboration: The VALUE of I, COLLABORATION & EXCHANGE


NOUS is like a creative organisation. We assume everyone has agency, much like you’d expect professional musicians to be already good at what they do!
The key then is in the combinations, the curation, the convening, the connecting and collaborating!

Think amazing musicians, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, and the power of their creativity combined with others.

We consider ourselves active too. We are practitioners. We don’t deliver content, we are not consultants, or providers. We just have a passion for being the catalysts for amazing people globally.


So separately from engagement in practice is the contribution.
Because the question then is how do you create a reliable, sustainable and exciting revenue stream/economic system to match the interactions.

It becomes an equation. Which translates into $$, in kind, mutual exchanges… Think like a network ledger.

There are benefits, revenues for collaboration, but also costs, and expenses, time, energy, skills, social capital, resources, creation, production time.
We need to exchange these for an equation that is win: win, works for everyone.

It’s a balance between open sourcing, and fuelling the doers, the collaborators, so we can all do more! Individually and together.

For example:

William: NZ. An internal Engineer/Lean Lead. He’s fully involved in the NZ Improvement Network. Personally contributing and benefitting. Paying a yearly access fee.
Vicky: Ireland. Internal CI Lead. Fully in network comms. She attends single events for a small contribution. But also provides connections into the network. Mutual benefit.
Said: from Pakistan now in NZ: Internal CI Coordinator. Contacted the network through LI, successful through the network in landing a fulltime CI role. Service contribution.

We were originally musicians, and this still informs our thinking…. A creative mindset about our work, our activity — who’s doing it better, and how can we do it better together. We aren’t just making better cogs, but even a new machine! New music!

We need to think of ourselves as co-creators in the Improvement Ecosystem, and fund, fuel as appropriate.

Cover charges, tickets, mutual exchanges, sponsorship/funding, promotion, fixing fees, talent sourcing, royalties/credit, commissions, donations, contracting


What are you paying for? The host, the fixer, convenor, curator, producer, director.

 Personal and personalised connections — always.
 Events, Meet ups, participation — for all in access and single events.
 Access, connections, brokering of value — for a fee.

How do you change the world? Not with new inventions, but connections in new and unique ways of people already out there doing!


There is no one answer, one way to fuel this. We’re creating an infrastructure, ‘scene’ for the engagements and exchanges.


People have commented that the network is quite unique, there is nothing else quite like it. That comes from our initial foundational thinking.

There is a huge focus on the people side, the relationships, the connections to the ‘exclusion of money’…. However, not to the exclusion of value. We don’t enjoy the transactional nature of hourly rates or project charging, but we value that everyone is precious and needs to be treated as such, including ourselves.

There are no passengers here. With on-going engagement, you must have skin in the game.

We asked the question, how should the network fund itself?

  • The hardest thing about creating such a network of connections is a value structure that works alongside the magic.
  • There have been many iterations, questions and explorations of how this might work.
  • A model that is totally free for its users is not sustainable for the one who provides the service!

The long term the vision is to have a complementary digital platform, while maintaining a personal touch that will handle the nuances and complexity of humans exchanging value, in New Zealand and around the world.


All correspondence and input is welcome to co-create something, just as we do with the network itself!

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