Connections of Excellence



“CICE has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set. 

CICE is about finding and engaging with amazing collaboratively minded improvement individuals, then curating, connecting and combining that excellence so we all win, as individuals, team, countries, organisations, the planet!

ABOUT: new ideas, inspiration, not about listening to experts, combining improvement creativity.

FROM A POOL: of network talent across the world, connecting in ever increasing combinations.

CURATED: targeted connections, conversations and meet ups, mostly 3-7 in number, the magic of what’s possible and who’s out there.



It’s for the Doers, the Activators, the Creators. You are integral to improvement in action.

For practitioners of improvement of any kind, in amongst others, connecting globally.

What are you looking for? Your journey, challenge, opportunity, problem, vision, curiosity, learning. What do you want from the network?

Where are you in the Improvement Ecosystem? Where do you sit in the mix? Where do you want be in the network, the network exchanges?

How can you add your stories, excellence, practice, passion, creativity into the mix.

For FAQ page click here: FAQ LINK.


  • PERSONAL: Email, LI messaging, LI profiles.
  • MEETS UPS: Via Zoom and in person.
  • SHARING: Impact/stories: Variety of forums.



  • A Collaborative Improvement mind set.
  • Be actively engaged in continuous improvement – any approach/discipline.
  • Believe in the network principles – particularly, that we all have something to learn, and stories to share.
  • Commit to follow up/impact/feedback on co-creating the format, content, infrastructure, fuel for the network.
  • Open to active doers. Doing, willing to learn, engaging, collaborative, mutual win:win.
  • Concrete Impact: Tracked here.


PRODUCER/CURATOR : Please contact us if you want to be a part of all this! Contact details.


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