Connecting Collaborative Improvement People



CICE is about finding and engaging with amazing collaboratively minded improvement individuals, then curating, connecting and combining that excellence so we all win, as individuals, team, countries, organisations, the planet!

ABOUT: new ideas, inspiration, not about listening to experts, combining improvement creativity.

FROM A POOL: of network talent across the world, connecting in ever increasing combinations, making things happen!

CURATED: targeted connections, conversations and meet ups, in combinations of 3-7.


IT’S ABOUT Conversations of excellence, improvement in action.

It has to be experienced.

(1) Action: Find and connect with global improvement minded individuals. By curiosity, engagement, participation, action.
The spark, cross pollinator, providing the space for amazing, for potential to come through.

(2) Action: Connect, and catalyst those individuals into amazing collaborative combinations.
The how of bringing people together in a curated place of connection.

(3) Action: Commentate, observe, speak out, ask the questions, tell the stories, co-create better. Be the change.
It’s practice, not a state, a direction, not just words. Always learning, always co-creating better.

Please contact us if you want to be a part of all this! Contact details.

Disclaimer: It’s non traditional, not the usual, not immediately obvious, but is the kind of thinking, practice, engagement, creativity, people centric approach the world needs.


  • Personal: Treating everyone individually. Making it about every person.
  • Engagement and Inspiration: For you, from the others.
  • Time: The doers are busy. Not a lot of bandwidth, time, energy, to do the groundwork to find the right connections.
  • Curated: There is an anchor, a core driver. Creating a space of trust.
  • Doing the hard work: We know the value of connecting with others. But ‘networking’ is not always fun. CICE bridges the gap.
  • Combining journeys: It’s hugely valuable to connect with others. It’s finding those to connect with that’s key.

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