NETWORK Mechanics

Connecting the improvement world globally

THE CICE NETWORK – a global network of collaboration and exchange.

CICE NZ: Personalised, networked, curated, connected, co-creators. $450 NZD/yr. The all in (currently just NZ), fully signed up CICE Network. Yearly membership/season pass. Continued entry & access means active participation on balance.

CICE ACTIVITY – NZ & GLOBAL: Individually produced gig/event participation and production. Charged/exchange by event. These events are built from the pool of the people in the network. Organised by individual meet up/event. Contact Us

COMMS: In the loop. Be in personal contact. Email, Linked In. It’s about building individual relationships and promoting what to get involved with. trish@ Phone NZ 0064 21 449 229. Or Trish on Linked In.

NETWORK ACCESS: Access to the Network, resources, links, themes, wisdom, curators. For questions, insights, help, recruitment, connecting, sounding boards, requests. Funded, fueled & charged on an individual basis, per request. Contact Us

ACTIVITIES/EVENTS: Review the offerings, sign up, join in. LINK to Activities & Connecting

RECRUITMENT: We are not a recruiter, but sometimes great connections can be made.
Cost for connecting, either exchange basis, or network participation. Or fee. Contact Us

ADVICE: 5+ years in the space nationally in NZ, and globally has meant a lot of knowledge is available to access. Recompense for value adding will be collaborative in nature. Contact Us

PROMOTION/ADVERTISING: Depends on the nature of the request and keeping the culture of the network. Either a fee, or preferred is a collaborative exchange mentality. Contact Us

COMMERCIAL EXCHANGES: Varies on your engagement with the network. The exchanges need to be on balance Win:Win.

INPUT INTO THE NETWORK: The same principles of Win:Win apply. Current indication is that giving credit is appropriate.

SPONSORSHIP: The network works similar to a production – arts, sports, event. So backing via sponsorship is key.


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