NETWORK Mechanics

Connecting the improvement world globally

THE CICE NETWORK – a global network of collaboration and exchange.

One of the biggest challenges is an infrastructure and mechanism that fires up and fuels the network.
This is where the current structure it at. All comments welcome.

CICE NZ: Full/All access pass. Personalised, networked, curated, connected, co-creators. $450 NZD/yr

CICE EVENTS/CICE GLOBAL: Individual event participation. All in day/event passes. Charged by event.

TEAM/COMMS: Entire network of engaged people at all levels. Complimentary, mutual exchange.

NETWORK ACCESS: Access to the Network, resources, links, themes, wisdom, curators. For questions, insights, help, recruitment, connecting, sounding boards, requests. Funded, fueled & charged on an individual basis, per request.

 MORE DETAILS on the dynamics, structure, the nuts and bolts.
COMMS: In the loop. Be in personal contact. Email, Linked In. It’s about building individual relationships and promoting what to get involved with. trish@ Phone NZ 0064 21 449 229. Or Trish on Linked In.

MEMBER: The all in (currently just NZ), fully signed up CICE Network. Yearly membership/season pass.
This is open access, but continued entry & access means active participation on balance.

ACTIVITIES/EVENTS: Review the offerings, sign up, join in. LINK to Activities & Connecting

: Collaborative exchange basis. Please be in contact with the details. See above.

RECRUITMENT: We are not a recruiter, but sometimes great connections can be made.
Cost for connecting, either exchange basis, or network participation. Or fee.

ADVICE: 5+ years in the space nationally in NZ, and globally has meant a lot of knowledge is available to access. Recompense for value adding will be collaborative in nature.

PROMOTION/ADVERTISING: Depends on the nature of the request and keeping the culture of the network. Either a fee, or preferred is a collaborative exchange mentality.

COMMERCIAL EXCHANGES: Varies on your engagement with the network. The exchanges need to be on balance Win:Win. Sustainable assistance where business wins are present.

INPUT TO THE NETWORK: The same principles of Win:Win apply. Current indication is that giving credit is appropriate.

And why pay/have a fee structure dynamic? Because networks like this require curating, facilitating, connecting, exchanges, a lot of behind the scenes work, and fuel to keep them going. We need to fund ourselves to success.

CICE Network eligibility is as noted on each individual event. And don’t forget you are welcome to join us! Join Us details

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