HOW it works


The CICE Network has been in operation for over 5 years full time. In that time we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to share. We connect people.

How it happens?

  • Together, we find the people, engage activity, their stories. Connect! Collate, Connect, Convene, Network the excellence.

The CICE Network:  an amazing network of collaborative individual CI minded and active people. Join Us! There is no elevator pitch! The stories and people ‘sell it’. And starting April 1 2019… CICE going Global: Connecting the CI world!. Email Trish for more.

The CICE Network is about connections. Connections with collaborative, continuous improvement, engagement and exchange mind set people. Those who naturally are excited by this ask how we mutually share, engage, learn and produce meaningful impact.

QUESTION: What’s the exchange mechanism? What’s the cost

Network: All in. Yearly retainer/member fee. Co-creators of value. See JTN.
Comms: Complimentary. Keeping up the inspiration. Just provide your email.
Participation: In the loop to join events, conferences etc. Fees per event.
Requests: Got a need/question/help needed. Exchange system. Bespoke.
First Contact: One/off, complimentary both ways.

Join Us!  The vision is definitely more than just one person!

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