WHAT DO WE DO? Services & Offerings.

The CICE Network has been going now for five years. In that time we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to share. Here’s what we can offer. What’s different?? We’re unbiased! We know about CI in NZ! National and increasingly global!

  • The CICE Network
  • Navigation, connections & access
  • National bi-monthly CI e-newsletter
  • Capability/recruitment
  • Conferences/meet ups
  • Global Networking

How do we do it?

  • Find the people, engage with them, their activity, their stories.
  • Connect! Collate the stories, the activity, the outcomes under a shared direction.

More about each one:

The CICE Network:  an amazing network of collaborative individual CI minded and active people. Join Us! There is no elevator pitch! The stories and people ‘sell it’.

Navigation/connections/access: All in if you’re part of the CICE Network, otherwise on a case by case basis. Here’s the quantity of what’s going on just in NZ. How do you know who, why, where, when … ask us! Improvement NZ.

CI e-newsletter comms: Be on the database, keep up with what’s happening.
Information portal.

Capability: The fabulous Mel Isaacs has taken this on. I have long thought a dedicated, passionate approach to capability within the CI Network was needed. Mel truly gets the collaborative network, CI and is a real professional. Email her!

mel @

Conferences: Check out the conferences page:

Global Networking: Connecting the CI world!. Email Trish to find out more. Find the people, connect them.

The CICE vision is bigger than any one person. Join Us!

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