The Better Mahi Improvement Network

Capturing the activity connections, events, stories, and beyond!

One of the key aspects of all this work is that the need to be a practitioner. Do be out there doing the doing.
Not just talk, but really understanding work from the inside out.

What are we doing, what have we done, feedback….. Our Portfolio

 … Connecting the dots!
Improvement Minds across the Globe!
Be in amongst those out there doing it! Action, collaboration, impact. 


THE PIECES of running a collaborative network:

Assuming excellence, then connecting, curating and combing that. An art and a science, and we love it!


  • Our people, are you on ‘the books’
  • Events run, topics
  • Stories, case studies
  • Connections made
  • Participation, what we’re doing ourselves
  • Inspiration, links and resources
  • Improvement Globally! The list


STORIES of us at WORK:

 Would you change your work, career story 10 stories.

David Ross, on what he does, what he likes, what he doesn’t and therefore what next!  Find him on Linked In.
And listen to his story here: LINK 

….. more coming!



Database platform: We are global, any demographic, location, role, approach, industry. Knowing personally 2500+ people.

Brief snapshots of the activity from 2012 onwards!

We are proud of all the connections, activity, events, projects, meet ups, brokering, stories, so far…. 8 years and counting!


  • 2 improvement recruitment roles to recruit for.
  • Successful internal network connection resulting in hiring exchange, SA and UK.
  • Helping answer a question of software tracking systems.
  • Promotion of a lean sensei course.
  • Networking the leaders of clusters, networks NZ wide.
  • Participation in Best Practice competition and website activity.
  • Promotion, attendance and attendee assistance (2 queries) AME Australia.
  • Creating a collaborative leadership presentation and active participant event with USA, HK, Australia, and NZ.
  • Personalised connections: NZ and Oz, France and UK, thought leaders in strategy, change.

Having such a wide and diverse network, and building the social capital between connections, we are broker, intermediary, connector, matchmaker. Snapshot here.

Connections, Topics & Meet Ups:

  • Mentoring lean connection, 40 yr veteran in NZ, with great young mang in Bangladesh
  • Australia and UK Blood Services
  • Creatives! Creativity in Business and Improvement.
  • The value of cash, different kinds of value exchange.
  • Story telling event
  • Networking, the networkers
  • Numerous meet ups of CI practitioners across NZ and the globe.
  • How to stay focused on CI.
  • Improvement and different personalities
  • Conversations with a lean veteran
  • Lean and Product Development
  • Industry 4.0
  • Connecting SME owners
  • Find the Others, global improvement thinkers
  • Change in South Africa and nature
  • Connecting the listeners
  • Millennials searching for roles that matter
  • CICE – Network women connecting
  • NZ women in lean connecting
  • Musicians and Explorers
  • The Irish and the Kiwis
  • LI Post improvement minds meet up
  • You Tube active, with many unlisted videos: Our NOUS channel link
  • Linked In Active: Trish: Commentary, themes, thinking, questions, connecting.
  • Plus Linked In Resource Group . Request to join.
  • ….

Numerous ‘coffees’ and targeted meet ups.

Plus 6 in person NZ networking conferences.

And NZ and Australian site visits to all industries from councils to engineering, transport, food….


  • Process, operational role in the Solomon Islands
  • Lean coach role in NZ
  • Production Manager, with excellence focus, NZ
  • Leadership coach paired with a mentor, UK/South Africa
  • GMs/CEOs with the right external coaching practitioners

Practitioner, participant: We need to be doing and learning ourselves!

To find out more, links but also our ratings and insights from experience.

  • Reinventing Work Group
  • Responsive.Org, Conference attendance, USA.
  • NZBEF, COER, Best Practice competition, judge and event attendance
  • The Catalyst Network – weekly meet ups of change people
  • 21st Century Explorers Network
  • Connectle participation – communities of practice
  • AME Australia – digital meet ups
  • Change Agents slack group – UK
  • Advanced Manufacturing NZ
  • SME promoters group – NZ
  • Working Out Loud circle participation
  • Ninjas Transformation Guild network meet ups
  • Impact Hub Waikato
  • Company of Women NZ group
  • Business Mentors NZ
  • UoA – RPA webinar
  • Starting Good conference – Australia
  • TCI – Competitive Clusters conference
  • Lean Coffee session NZ/global
  • Open for business – generosity session

You have to be a practitioner in your own right, then we bring other practitioners together in combinations that create excellence, that fast forward and accelerate journeys of improvement. “After being a part I feel more energised and inspired to continue with my journey and activity.

Your energy is infectious. I love and value it. The way you speak, and word things, and your bubbly energy!



 For Example: A mix of: Invited, targeted, personalised engagement, meet ups, connections of curiosity, collaboration, impact, events, special topics, open sessions, coffees. Energising practitioner conversations. Global cross pollinating. Any one is welcome, but the stories must be yours!

 Value exchanges.


IMPROVEMENT In PRACTICE across the globe.

A list of all the improvement practices people are engaged in: LINK HERE


More Links and resources of inspiration: 


Want to know more about the NETWORK mechanism, Value Exchange Model that we are developing. CLICK HERE


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