The Better Mahi Improvement Network

The Network of Connections | INQ | Is co-created, by the people who get involved.

Here’s what they say about it….

“You see the synergies, you connect disparate dots”

“You’re like the glue, the connector, the catalyst, curator”

“You’re been spanning and doing all the work behind the scenes. I benefit from that work, and don’t have to start from scratch”.


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Katie on her journey and the network  

Listen to Steve and Duanelink, listen to Ianlink, listen to Andrewlink, listen to Nagalink, listen to Mario, watch for the room pan at the end!: link
The value of enabling connections. 2019 NZ conference

“I know on a call I can expect to meet seriously insightful people who are deeply aware of where they are on their journey and able to reflect and discuss that.
Last night was no exception.”

How people feel after joining in!

CONNECTIONS of IMPACT | Inspired & Connected

Best time I’ve spent for a long time. The meet ups exceed expectations.
Great to be with a whole room of like-minded people. And reminded, I am not alone!
I have never experienced such genuine interest in conversations and sharing!
The event was like a recharge, to be in the same room with so many people that understand the challenges and rewards!
“One of the main things I’ve got from the network is the power and need to personalise an improvement journey.”
Can you imagine any other universe in which this combination of improvement minds would have happened.”
“I am so grateful for the people I have access to and will remember it for the rest of my days.”
“It’s a privilege to be in-amongst the calibre and quality of people who are in the mix.”
“I’m always amazed at how quickly the conversations go to a wide range of topics, in a space of psychological safety, when people have only just met.”
“It’s hard to highlight the vibrant dynamism and generous hospitality of your network…”
“Honestly, your work speaks for itself in the positive impact you continue to have on so many individuals and communities… just keep up the good work!”
“After being a part I feel more energised and inspired to continue with my journey, activity and challenges.”

Thanks for the inspiration…. after the last one we set up a little system to gather kaizen ideas, logging 124 ideas in 14 months all the result of a 5 minute breakfast chat… These things really are worth it!

There is no one answer, one way to fuel this. We’re creating an infrastructure, ‘scene’ for the engagements and exchanges.

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