Connecting the improvement world globally

An Improvement Ecosystem:
The world has great people doing great things!

LET’S! Build, create a collaborative network of like-minded individuals, collectively sharing and learning with each other. Do things differently, think differently. The world in the 21st century is too complex for traditional thinking. Let’s bring together all those wanting to make their space, the world a better place.

HOW? Could we do it? What would it look how? What impact could it have?


We’re doing it. Building an ever increasing collaborative network of forward thinking individual CI people with the ability and passion to improve themselves and those around them. A network across the globe from all sites, levels, functions, industries, locations, countries, methodologies, roles with the mind set to work together – to change the world, localised or big picture! An entire world of excellence. A network of CI minds.


With a 5+year pilot in NZ, then more and more global improvement thinkers wanted to be a part of it. Now it’s global!
Massive change and improvement requires a mind set change, so it’s about finding the active collaboratively minded people and networking them. It began as Lean Kiwis, and a vision to connect all the lean/CI dots across the country, and became global, finding more and more amazing people around the world who wanted and want to be part of a network of excellence. Impacted at the individual level and big picture, change the world!


Of course, but it’s those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who usually do.


What can I give back, be part of the programme, contribute what I’m doing, be energised by other practitioners, explosion of our strengths, increase knowledge, share and learn.

  • We are all smart, have something to offer. Equal, egalitarian. Mutual respect.
  • Neutral and independent, global and individual. Making it personal.
  • Be a doer! A practitioner, a continually improvement learner. Show, not tell others.
  • Be part of the co-creation process of designing the network, what it looks like, the events and activities.
  • Not run by experts/consultants, or administrators, or just an online group. A unique model, for unique interactions.
  • Unique because of the people in it, and how they interact with CI and each other.


  • Collaborative Improvement Minds co-creating their own excellence journeys, share, learn, not feel alone.
    Practical people sharing practical stories.
  • A Global Voice increasing our collective improvement success through a Collaborative Network Approach.
    Strengthen the individuals, impact the whole


It’s the stories that sell the network. Check out the impact page link, with recordings. Coming soon!


Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
Tracking the impact of the connections, activity, the investment of time, effort and money. Making it concrete.


Join in. Connecting our dots is working – Be one. HEAR HOW: Trish talks about The CICE Network

The CICE Network:  an amazing network of collaborative individual CI minded and active people. Join Us!

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