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The Network Building Business


There are 3 parts

You: Where are you/the network coming from. Where do they/you fit in the mix.
How/Access: Engagement with the network, how to engage/interact with CICE. Costs and pricing. LINK
CICE: What we’re creating, our mindset, our value.


Where are you coming from?
What are you looking for? Your journey, challenge, opportunity, problem, vision, curiosity, learning. What do you want from the network?

Where are you in the Improvement Ecosystem?
Where do you sit in the mix? Where do you want be in the network, the network exchanges?

Answering these questions will help you know where you fit.



People – access – resources – activity – inspiration – perspectives – learning – connections – short cuts – gems – events …

The network is personal, and personalised. Human connection makes this work!



Get it straight away, already in, click the link to be in touch  for initial chat or a generic info. Be in contact.
Engagement is not a straight line. We need to connect, and we need to make it personal.


  1. Exchange & Contribute: Self-directed doers: All areas access, personalisation as required.
  2. Consumer: Light touch access: Casual, single activity touch points.
  3. Access: Network as a resource, including brokering connections.

(1) Exchange & Contribute –  All areas access.

  • Invested in your own journey and supporting the success of those around you and their journeys or improvement and excellence.
  • Personalisation as required: Exchange in kind, comps, IOU, mutual collaboration.

(2) Consumer – Casual, single touch points.

  • More structured, targeted and tangible offerings but on a casual, single basis, charged individually.
  • You would like the network to provide a lot of the tangible frameworks and content.

(3) Access – Network as a resource, brokering connections.

  • CICE is not directly a brokerage. However, we get asked often enough, and have the network that support people connecting. Recruitment or commercial nature.
  • By bringing people together, this creates an amazing resource, repository of knowledge.



CICE is about Network/Connection Making.
CICE is about providing our superpower for making the world a better place.
CICE is a network/connecting enterprise operator.

We are self-run, not backed by consulting, or government funding.
We want to run a transformational network, in what is still a transactional world.
We don’t want to be transactional in every exchange, but need to work in the realm of fair remuneration and exchange.

We are constantly co-creating, improving and working on how this works.


  • Contribution/tbc (x NZ gst, and CC/fees) LINK. Single touch points/brokering. Invoiced, and paid as quoted. Payment variety based on offering and exchange.
  • Sponsorship, philanthropy, donations, support etc. can all be part of the mix.


THE CICE NETWORK… globally connecting an improvement network of everything!

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