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THE CICE NETWORK IN ACTIONWhat the network is and what it isn’t. What it does and doesn’t do.

IS – for the doers: This network is for the forward doers, the self-directed improvement people. Those who are doing. It isn’t really for the ‘helpers’, for the externals, unless you can demonstrate equity with everyone, a willingness to learn as much as share, and your stories are current improvement activities. I.e. this is what I did yesterday!

ISN’T – a consulting collaborative: While we collectively create an amazing resource. We are not a group that actively goes out to help others in any kind of consulting consortium.

IS – curated: Access to the network is open, but not automatic. Imagine musicians jamming together, not all combinations will work.

IS – forward looking: Currently our unity of mission is collective strength, helping individual journeys. This foundation of trust though creates a group ready for anything.

IS – a professional enterprise, both a full time endeavour, a vocation and also for the greater good. Finding a way to sustain that is a key part of the network.

ISN’T – a brokerage organisation. We don’t actively connect external resources to network people, or do any commission work. People can share what resources have worked internally, network person to network. That provides a lot of integrity to the information.


YES, sounds great! But how? 3 parts.

  1. JOIN THE BOOKS Creation of a database system, growing list of improvement minds.
  2. NETWORK ACTIVITY From that list, comes the activities and connections, generated by the network and the network catalyst.
  3. IMPACT Make the connections happen! Watch amazing. Do even more!


How do you get passionate, smart, motivated improvement professionals  networking together, sharing and learning?
You get to know them and create events to make that happen.

5 focus points:

  1. Research: massive amount of research, exploration and engagement with the big picture activity, thinking and people.
  2. Contact: engaging with the people in the improvement ecosystem.
  3. Connecting: making great connections.
  4. Curating: enabling great interactions.
  5. Voice: for the collective themes, impact, stories, resources.

Expectations & Engagement: Come with:

  • A Collaborative Improvement mind set.
  • Be actively engaged in continuous improvement – any approach/discipline.
  • Believe in the network principles – particularly, that we all have something to learn, and stories to share.
  • Commit to follow up/impact/feedback on benefit of network value exchanges. Help determine the format, content, infrastructure, fuel for the network.
  • Open to anyone but you must demonstrate the above. Externals/consultants particularly, please note, this is an improvement network not a business one.
    We are forward improvement doers helping others, not a network of consultants.


Strengthen ourselves, each other, impact the world! Self-directed, improvement people in our own right, all smart, co-creators of global improvement.

VALUE, funding, how much does it cost? Network mechanics.

What are the fuelling, architecture nuts and bolts of the network. A network like this works based on two elements:

  1. Your input to each other. Your input, ideas, energy, sharing, learning. This is mutual and cost neutral.
  2. Your input into funding and fuelling the network vehicle itself. Share in the rewards, the successes, pay it forward, $$, exchange, in kind, support.

Making it work CICE Network direct costs currently:

  1. Network Full Participant/Membership: All areas, access pass. Regular access to all network activity, content and people. Currently paid yearly.
  2. Network One Off Activity: 1:1, one off events, think ‘day’ passes, meet ups connecting with the CICE Team, mutual exchanges. Per event.
  3. Network Access: Accessing the knowledge, resources, information, people, learnings of the network. Quoted per request.

And yes, all the above can work in reverse too.

Helping make the network concept bounce off the page and make sense.

Do you consultant, coach, how do you get funded?

CICE is about connecting improvement minds, so currently the CICE Network doesn’t participant in consulting, coaching or training. Funding is through the network as above. There has been talk about a collective of external support but this doesn’t fit the mindset that we are all in this together, and have as much to offer as the next person.

How many events do I get for my money?

The network is personal and individual. As such setting this at the beginning of a year, a calendar of events has not proved useful.

What has been better is have an organic nature built on and from the needs of the people in the network. It’s about enabling everyone to come in the ‘room’ and be a participant in what they need from everyone else. The format has and continues to evolve based on the feedback and interactions from the network.

Can consultants join?

Consultants are welcome to enquire. There are an extraordinary number of external people, coaching, consulting, training, offering resources. However most find that the network isn’t for them. It is not a business network, it is an improvement network. The point is to share and learn in an equal exchange. Though individual externals are part of the mix.

Where do external resources sit?

Externals, external resources form part of the ecosystem, and the benefit, value of such is shared amongst network interactions. CICE is not a brokerage.

Let everyone be on their own journey.
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