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Strengthen ourselves, each other, impact the world! Self-directed, improvement people in our own right, all smart, co-creators of global improvement.

CICE: Join the Improvement Activators

ABOUT: sharing, learning, new ideas, inspiration, NOT About: sit down, listen to experts, UNIQUE, each meet up uniquely created.

CICE Connections & Activity! Making it happen.

The difference

“CICE is not selling anything, that’s unique and refreshing… the network has no agenda beyond all of us succeeding with a CI mind set. It’s facilitated and organic, about no central expert, no one way … that’s why we like it.” Spinning the improvement wheels faster!

What’s important is creating better for impact.
With a creative background, we can’t help but operate not a from a problem solving mindset but an opportunity, potential one.

Why do people join the network?

To be amongst other improvement doers. Part of improvement conversations.

Who are we

Who’s attracted and stays? Those who realise the value exchange equation. That it’s about all of us helping all of us.
It’s for the Doers, the Activators, the Connectors, the Creators. You need to be integral to the action.
It’s for practitioners of improvement of any kind, in amongst others, connecting globally.

How does it work, the parts of making the network happen

Vision, why – you need good compelling Whys… doesn’t matter what the why is, it’s a direction.
Culture – key is the nature of the enterprise – what does it do, how does it think, where does it see itself.
Background – this is huge, research, context, wider connecting, themes, best practice in running networks, what’s going on locally and globally, to inform the group.
People – being eternally curious about who’s out there, what are they doing, how, connecting with them.
Database – then taking that list of people and really personalising and categorising it.
Network Mechanics – how and why the network work in practice. The ‘rules’ of engagement. How the people in it operate.
Tangible Activity – all the connecting of all kinds, making it work.
Impact – tracking the feedback, stories, engagement etc.

In practice

How do you get passionate, smart, motivated improvement professionals  networking together, sharing and learning? You get to know them and create events to make that happen. Targeted and curated.

YES, sounds great! But how? 3 parts.

  1. Creation of a database system, growing list of improvement minds.
  2. From that list, comes the activities and connections, generated by the network and the network catalyst.
    Currently: Organised by email, run through zoom, connections via Linked In and email, recorded, follow up survey expectation.
  3. IMPACT Connections happen! Watch amazing. Do even more!

Come with:

  • A Collaborative Improvement mind set.
  • Be actively engaged in continuous improvement – any approach/discipline.
  • Believe in the network principles – particularly, that we all have something to learn, and stories to share.
  • Commit to follow up/impact/feedback on benefit of network value exchanges. Help determine the format, content, infrastructure, fuel for the network.
  • Open to anyone but you must demonstrate the above. Doing, willing to learn, engaging, collaborative, mutual win:win.

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