Putting the Global Improvement Band together...



“Without you, and the Network, I wouldn’t have refocused … and reached for the stars”
“I missed having a wall of improvement people behind me, I’m back in for sure!”


Because it’s about the corridor conversations, the ones that really make things work…..

Because it’s about finding the right people, the right stories, the right connections…. and that is not a straight line.

Because we want and need to be collaborative. We’re not going to solve the problems of the world or grab the opportunities otherwise….

Because it’s about connecting our stories in action, not just in theory. Learning by doing, getting on that stage and making things happen.

Because what people want is to not feel alone, to know there are others out there, and to learn and share with real life practitioners…..

And well, to be honest because it’s fun! It’s an adventure.

Co-creating: I asked someone once who was involved in a very complex industry, how on earth were they going to change the system? She said, we’re not, we’re going to create something new and that will eventually just take over! 

WHY? Connecting, curating, co-creating, collaborating, networking in the direction of better!…..


We asked, and practice:

  • Could you build a collaborative network of people
  • What would it look like?
  • Impact?


We’re in the Business of Improvement Networking, connections and collaboration and the Improvement Networking Business.

Thanks for the inspiration…. after the last one we set up a little system to gather kaizen ideas, logging 124 ideas in 14 months, with 112 implemented…
That’s nearly 2/week, all the result of a breakfast chat… these things really are worth it!

From New Zealand to across the World!

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