Collaborative Impact Combined Excellence

THE CICE NETWORK – a global network. 


Bespoke, personalised, targeted, curated connections for those making the world a better place!


Because of the enormous value of connecting with like minds, like spirits in the improvement world and what’s possible from that. Then making that into a structured collaborative network community.

The sweet spot is in the connections, the in-between. Not top down, not one way help, but multi-way personalised exchanges.

People want:

  • Access, to people they may never have met, or couldn’t easily connect with.
  • Personalised, about them, targeted, curated, a trusted place.
  • Confidence, increased by testing ideas, being around others.
  • Capabilities, increased by exposure to different ideas and thinking. Tangible help.
  • Energy, to not feel alone. To know there are others like them out there, same challenges, success, different approaches and perspectives.

We’ve been doing it for over 6 years full time, that’s over 12,000 hours and it works!

A network of People, a network of Whys. Being part of creating an ecosystem of improvement.

For the entrepreneurs of mind, the curious, anyone interested in improvement.
A network, a community. About connections, conversations, engagement, inspiration.

A global improvement network matrix… a bespoke offering.
The doers, and creators, the practitioners. Yes there’s value in external resources, consultants, but that’s not what people come to this group for.

A network of the ‘better’ people… people who just want to make things better…. improve things. What specifically? The Improvement of Everything.

Network Dynamics!

  • Personal: treating everyone individually. We are same, same but different. Making the relationships of the network personal and personalised. People want quality connections.
  • Time: the doers, creators are busy. They don’t have a lot of bandwidth. They don’t have the time, energy, sometimes $$ to do the groundwork to find the right connections. The full time networkers do this for you. All learning, sharing, networking is good but targeted and useful is much more effective.
  • Curated: is key. As much as possible getting the right people in the right room, on the right conversations. This is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Doing the hard work: We all know the value of connecting with others. But ‘networking’ is not always fun, people don’t like it, it makes them uncomfortable. CICE bridges the gap of this, creating a safe, trusted, connected environment. Trust CICE, trust the connections and the others involved. Therefore impact and exchange can happen much quicker.
  • Combining journeys: everyone is on a journey. This as a starting point is key. It means the expectation is not telling, or helping, but connecting so people can do better in what they’re doing. It’s hugely valuable to connect with others on similar journeys, or even sometimes completely different ones. But it’s finding those to connect with that’s key.

Please do ask to find out more, explain it in person.

It’s about:

  • The right people, in the right combinations, on the right topics at the right time together, an art and a science!
  • It requires connections, curation, targeting, personalisation, production.
  • And central catalyst element to care about people, to know the subject, to be able to zoom in and out and take everyone on the journey.

Be excellent, allow others to join in.
Hear how: Trish talks about The CICE Network

What makes it different?

Making it personal. So you can think ‘I’m in the right place’….
You’re not just getting access to a list of people, it’s (1) curated, (2) we make meaningful connections, which is something only a ‘human’ can do….
The value proposition is the relationships. Targeted, curated, but the content is all generated by us for us.

Connecting to Inspire, Energise and Impact the individual and the Big Picture, change the world. Share, learn, not feel alone. Connect and go forward!

It’s about connections, meet ups, exchanges generating inspiration, energy and action!

Ever been to an event and determined that the best part was the morning tea conversations. Or been to an off site visit and the best part was the car conversation.
Or just been at a gathering where you can talk in depth, with trust, real stories with others, going away inspired and energised for your improvement, life journey.

That’s the point! So it’s about finding those on the ground improvement minds, who want to collaborate with others, and make their impact.

The Network connections are about any approach, country, industry, role, demographic.

It’s a science and an art. What’s the purpose? Create such a network, work out what that looks like, impact the whole and the parts.

GET INVOLVED JOIN US  Get in amongst it. and find out more here for the HOW

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