Connecting the improvement world globally

THE CICE NETWORK – a global network. 


CICE is a For Purpose Value Exchange based Enterprise


Because of the enormous value of being able to connect with like minds, like spirits in the improvement world and what’s possible from that.
Then wondering about making that into a structured collaborative network community.

The sweet spot is in the connections, the in-between. Not top down, not one way help, but multi-way personalised exchanges.

People want:

  • Access, to people they may never have met, or couldn’t easily connect with.
  • Personalised, about them, targeted, curated, a trusted place.
  • Confidence, increased by testing ideas, being around others.
  • Capabilities, increased by exposure to different ideas and thinking.
  • Energy, to not feel alone. To know there are others like them out there, same challenges, success, different approaches and perspectives.

We’ve been doing it for over 6 years full time, that’s over 12,000 hours and it works!

A network of People, a network of Whys.

  • Makes sense… makes sense to work together, collaborate, it’s fun, and we need to move world and personal dials.
  • All the amazing reasons…. better together, complex problems to solve, world needs collaboration, developing our capability….
  • Not an easy path…. improvement, change isn’t easy, there is no magic bullet, no one way, only working collectively together.
  • And our 3 questions… could you run a collaborative network, what would it look like? What impact could it have.


  • The right people, in the right combinations, on the right topics at the right time together, an art and a science!
  • It requires connections, curation, targeting, personalisation, production.
  • And a catalyst to care about people, to know the subject, to be able to zoom in and out and take everyone on the journey.

Be excellent, allow others to join in.
Hear how: Trish talks about The CICE Network

It’s about being an active part of and creating an improvement ecosystem.

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