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Wed/Thur 18/19 Sept: AUCKLAND – BOOK NOW!

Can’t wait for next year’s event…will come again, very valuable, came away with lots of practical useful advice… Thanks! I’ve been inspired. Love it, I’ve found my lean soul mate!
…. Trish/CICE, cat-herds all of us Lean Leaders together in the network and runs probably the best/interactive conference I’ve seen! ….

WHAT is it? A continuous improvement/lean conference that captures inspiration and true networking with like minds. Good stories to listen to, and curated networking – not just left to chance. People last year went away with 5-10-15-20 connections and contacts.

WHY? Because people want to share, learn, ask what’s really happening in practice, get new ideas, increase confidence in their own journey, and feel part of something bigger!

This will be the 6th CICE Networking Conference Event…       AGENDA: What’s on offer! BOOK NOW!

Here’s how it works! You’ll be immersed in an entire room of active CI/lean people!
We want to extract as much of our common learning, experiences, successes and solutions as possible. PERSONAL – CONNECTED – PRACTICAL …..

– Matched Tables:
To start the day, and after lunch. Choose who you want to sit with. Common CI/lean quest, and who would you like to hear more from.
– Entire Group Interactions:
Who are we, facilitated introductions. Share strengths and challenges. Multiple combos.
Speed Networking:
Always popular because of the themes are shared in the room, problem solving together.
Improvement challenge sheet with your table:
Your challenge at the top of a sheet of paper, rotated round your table for their ideas and solutions to your challenge. All questions and answers share with the room.- x1+ version of Improvement challenge sheet with your table:
Your challenge at the top of a sheet of paper, rotated round your table for their ideas and solutions to your challenge. All questions and answers share with the room.
– Biggest takeouts/what’s next.
Building on what we’ve learnt, taking the learnings and connections to action.

The value is in the networking and connections you make. HEAPS of these. We captured the number of connections people made throughout the day!  5-10-15-20 – LOTS!

Plus of course some interesting and inspiring case studies, stories from the trenches! See all of those details below. And a site visit and networking dinner see below. AUCKLAND: IT’S ON: Networking Conference Event:
One and half days of full on CI and lean exposure of learning, sharing and knowledge!


We continue to capture the value of networking combinations & exciting speaker variety.
WEDNESDAY 18 SEPT: Afternoon/Evening: SITE VISIT 2pm/DINNER 6pm.
THURSDAY 19 SEPT: All day : FULL EVENT DAY. 9am-5pm. 5pm+, informal drinks.
Here are this year’s inspiring speakers and stories that will be amongst your own!

We always go for passionate people, with a story to tell, who have been in trenches at all levels, industries, sizes, approaches and experience the challenges, successes… . All the below are cool people… Amy, Steve, Steve, Paul, Kevin and Ian…. with Trish, Mel!

This really is not a sit down listen to experts event, but truly a connecting, networking, sharing, learning, inspiring each other to continuous improvement greatness and success!

Amy: Turning strategy into action.
Steve N: The Defence Excellence journey.
Steve C: The Big picture: 16 years from North Wales to NZ.
Paul: Understanding the Agile Way of Working.
Neil & Kevin: The lean journey in SMEs. Plus the power of collaboration.

 AMY Sampson, Management Consultant, PWC, x Global Excellence, Comvita. Amy has it all with experience from a leading NZ brand through to the services industry. She’s great! Talking about turning strategy into action – how to make sure teams are aligned and working on the real things that will make a real difference (strategic priorities).  Covering aspects of culture, measurement, and governance.

 STEVEN Nobbs,  Deputy Director of Defence Excellence, NZ Defence Force. Continuous Improvement in a LARGE organisation. 14,000. CI and Six Sigma, hear the ins and outs of their journey. They have a great internal team and an interesting story of the journey they have been on. They have been running a CI programme using Lean Six Sigma since 2012. Steven will be talking about the Defence Excellence journey; from a contractor led legacy model, through a refresh programme and onto the future plans for CI at NZDF.

 NEIL Pluck & KEVIN Allum: Leading CI/lean in an SME. Leading in an SME environment. Why did it start. What has it taken. Being the GM/MD and making it happen. What sort of person do you need to be. Looking at the commercial side of lean. Lean and strategy. How to tie them all together. Great case studies about the highs and lows! Impact and results. They both have great stories to learn from, and it’s a really exciting format. 2 different SME owners talking about their lean journeys. Neil is Managing Director, Pluck’s Engineering, Rakaia. Kevin is Managing Director, NZ Windows, Tauranga.

After their individual stories they will ask each other questions, along with you. Demonstrating collaborative networking in practice right across the country!
Supported by Mel Isaacs, CI People.

Kevin: NZWindows has over 220 staff spread over 5 locations; the principles of Lean have been the focus for achieving the company mantra of being “The Builders Choice”.  NZWindows has an interesting story of how to transfer / convert Kevin’s unrelenting passion for the basics of Lean to the day to day actions of a diverse manufacturing based team. Kevin will share the highs and lows of their 4-year journey on the Lean mission.

Neil: Plucks Engineering is a second generation family owned business that manufactures and repairs farm machinery and specialises in Dairy Effluent products and Heavy Duty Rollers and Cultivation equipment, they also do general repairs and maintenance. Neil started to think there must be a better way to manufacture and produce things after going through the chaos of being very busy for many years, so he started to look at how car manufacturers do things and discovered Lean in 2010, after lots of seminars, events and many books he made a start in about 2012, now 6 years later Lean is normal in their workshop and has handled all the ups and downs for production through-put no worries.

 STEPHEN Cheadle: Vice-President Operations, Constellation Brands Asia Pacific….The Big Picture, or the “Missing Link”. From North Wales to New Zealand and everywhere in-between. (16 years in 25 minutes). A big picture perspective, from Toyota UK, to consulting in Europe and Asia, to CI/excellence in major international brands. To leading consulting and lean implementation in NZ, and now internal role, creating a CI culture, the how. Lots of good take aways from his experiences.

 Paul Salmon. Ways of Working Coach,. ASB. Lean & Agile. A look at the similarities and differences. Technology is a growing part of businesses today and is often working based on Agile vales. This talk will help you to understand this way of working and how it is similar and different to CI/Lean. Paul has over 25 years experience in the tech industry. 

With MEL Isaacs, CI People, & TRISH,  The CICE Network.
……then Wrap Up Networking Drinks cash bar to finish.
Wednesday 17 September. 6pm on.
 A chance to informally meet and greet. Always popular.
A BBQ menu at the Naumi Hotel …. everyone loves the chance to meet and chat.
 Marque Room
Wednesday 18 September.
Great story of their CI team supporting the objectives of the organisation.
Counties Manukau DHB/Middlemore, Ko Awatea, Otahuhu, South Auckland. 
with host Ian Hutchby
Senior Improvement Advisor.
A division of Counties Manukau DHB, Ko Awatea supports and facilitates the health system to meet its strategic objectives to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.
The primary function is to enable and support teams in CM Health to continuously and consistently innovate to improve the service and care delivered to patients, whaanau and the Counties Manukau community.
Come, hear and see how they do it, and the 12 year journey of the Improvement team.
PAPER VERSION. CICE Conference 2019 BOOKING FORM Auckland.

Note there is a limit to the number of attendees!
Once we’re full – we’re full!


Venues, Accommodation and Transport

VENUE: Auckland: Naumi Hotel, Airport Oaks.

Parking: Details : On site.
Accommodation: Options: Many budget options available close to the venue.
Special offer at Naumi for attendees: $175 (incl gst), & including breakfast! Contact the hotel: Naumi Hotel Reservations Link – Quote CICE2019.
Airport Shuttle: Available if booked through the hotel. Otherwise venue is only 8 mins from the domestic terminal.
Conference Timing: The event starts at 9am and finishes formally at 5pm so a day trip from out of town is possible.

Terms & Conditions: CICE Conference September 2019 Ts & Cs
ALL Externals/Providers: Please refer to conference Ts&Cs for booking eligibility.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT or LEAN? Lean or lean. Continuous Improvement or CI. Most people in NZ prefer continuous improvement wording to lean. It’s more inclusive and has less connotations. Though as I used to say at Villa Maria, lean is quicker and easier to say. I’m more in the CI camp, so have tried to use the wording CI/lean to incorporate both. Really it’s the principles that we are all practicing that matter the most.

Any questions, comments, input, suggestions…. contact Conference Convenyor:
Trish Wilson: 021 449 229. trish @ thecicenetwork. co.nz

… I would tell my CI friends about it because… the conference makes sense – compared to a lot of others I’ve been to
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