Connecting Collaborative Improvement People

THE NETWORK IN ACTIONWhat the network is and what it isn’t. What it does and doesn’t do.

IS – for the doers

This network is for the forward doers, the self-directed improvement people. Those who are doing. It isn’t really for the ‘helpers’, for the externals, unless you can demonstrate equity with everyone, a willingness to learn as much as share, and your stories are current improvement activities. I.e. this is what I did yesterday!

IS – curated

Access to the network is open, but not automatic. Imagine musicians jamming together, not all combinations will work.

IS – A professional enterprise.

Both a full time endeavour, a vocation and also for the greater good. Finding a way to sustain that is a key part of the network.

ISN’T – a consulting collaborative

While we collectively create an amazing resource. We are not a group that actively goes out to help others in any kind of consulting consortium.

Has – a brokerage offering.

We just get to know so many people, we are getting good at brokering the right connections.

Do you/the network consultant, coach?

The Network of Us is about connecting improvement minds, so currently the Network doesn’t participant in consulting, coaching or training. There has been talk about a collective of external support but this doesn’t fit the mindset that we are all in this together, and have as much to offer as the next person.

How many events do I get for my money?

The network is personal and individual. As such setting this at the beginning of a year, a calendar of events has not proved useful. What has been better is an organic nature built on and from the needs of the people in the network. It’s about enabling everyone to come in the ‘room’ and be a participant in what they need from everyone else. The format has and continues to evolve based on the feedback and interactions from the network.

Can consultants/externals join?

This is a tricky one. On the whole externals change the dynamics of conversation. Consultants are there to sell, tell you what they know, they are not there to share what they are doing. Big difference. The network is more for doers than external resources. They have their place but not in here. Consultants are welcome to enquire. There are an extraordinary number of external people, coaching, consulting, training, offering resources. However most find that the network isn’t for them. It is , it is an improvement network not a business network. The point is to share and learn in an equal exchange. Share not tell or help.

Is there a central repository of knowledge, electronic, online platform?

So far the experience has been only about 10-20% at most are present online, only 5% participate, and 2% are truly active. So it’s misses 98%. Currently, how people interact with the network, is they still like the personal. They don’t want to read or consume lots of content, there is more than enough out there. They want to tap into a real human being who gets them, where they are coming from, and who is happy to co-create collaborative improvement solutions together.


Doesn’t it rely on one person too much? It’s Your network? No, I just love what I do. I do my thing and people want to be a part of it. It seems a central catalyst, spark is needed. It is a key part of the network magic. Though with the two levels (see below), when the spark is lit and the people are together – then the catalyst is x%. 10 people, 10%, plus perhaps 2-5% extra as you occasionally have a need for a navigation tweak, but see Icebreakers, most people are up and in amongst it really quickly. It’s amazing.

Who funds it?

Good question. There is no consulting or coaching attached to the network. We are not government funded, or corporate backed. We therefore need to generate and awesome value exchange model to match the interactions. We are working on that here: Find out more.

What about webinars, etc.

At this stage there is more than enough on offer in that space. And most of the time people aren’t coming to the networking for a one way, they want multiple way exchanges, where on balance people want to be an equal participant in the process, no passengers.

Our focus point is connecting practitioners, for story to story, person to person, shared learning.


Funnily enough the nature of the network, people involved and comms mean these are very rarely needed. People just launch in, and the magic begins.

Network Principles

– We are all smart, have something to offer. Equal, egalitarian. Mutual respect.
Neutral and independent, global and individual.
– Making it personal. Individual and non-transferable membership/involvement.
– Be part of the co-creation process of designing the network. Active, in the culture/intent of the network
Part of something bigger – both local and big picture impact.
Be a doer! A practitioner, a continually improvement learner. Show, not tell others.
Unique because of the people in it, and how they interact with CI and each other.

Our Network Culture is Purple

Operating in a world of complexity, engagement, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, purpose for good, uncertainty, self management, constant improvement, innovation, change, tension, learning, curiosity, respect, openness… collective intelligence, emergence, creatives, diversity, with shared energy, passion, purpose, and human perspectives. It’s neutral, independent, organic, collaborative, co-created!

Let everyone be on their own journey.
Does it work!? YES! Check out the rest of the site for feedback, inspiration and testimonials.

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