We’re not just talking about it, we’re doing it, making it happen.

How do you get a room full of passionate, smart, motivated lean/CI professionals  networking together, sharing and learning?
You create an event to make that happen.

CHECK THIS OUT: Christchurch 2018:

 CICE on You Tube (thanks Andy)

And here comes 2019. Auckland & Wellington.

CICE Facilitated Networking Conference Events…2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019!
Are about: networking, mutual sharing and learning, new ideas and inspiration.
Not about: sit down, listen to experts. All events are as much collaboration, win : win, beneficial connections as we can get.

….One of the best events I’ve been to! Great balance between listening and engagement.
…..Well done for another excellent event!! I’m re-enthused!
…..Great to be with a whole room of like-minded people. And reminded, I am not alone!
…..I have never experienced such genuine interest in conversations and sharing!
…..Such amazing CI fire power in the room!
…..Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the CICE event. I met some really interesting people and had some really good discussions.
…..Best one day session I’ve had for a long time.

Examples of previous:
CICE Conference 2015 – Agenda & Booking Auckland
CICE Conference 2016 – Agenda & Booking Christchurch
CICE Conference 2017 – Agenda & Booking Auckland
CICE Conference 2018 – Agenda & Booking Wellington. Attendee link
CICE Conference 2018 – Agenda and Booking Christchurch. Attendee link 

Christchurch 2018: CICE on You Tube

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